Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Packer doesn't get it

Packer is a little too close to the Big Conferences for my taste. ESPN dominates college basketball coverage for four months and yet CBS owns the rights to the NCAA tournament. Why doesn't ABC get the rights to the tournament. Packer does about 20 games a year and I am supposed to believe that he has seen every good team.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Why I like sports

Yesterday's win by George Mason was an example of why I like sports. I think the lesson that I learned from the Patriots is that if you work hard and play right you will win. Had Connecticut won, it would have been a bad thing because Connecticut coasted a good portion of the four games, not only against Albany but the other three teams (Kentucky, Washington and George Mason).

The reason why I hold Washington and Gonzaga responsible for their losses is because they have a mentality that is very typical of Western teams, we'll give it our best shot, but if we fall short, it's not so bad.

The eastern teams are used to playing under pressure every day. In California, Washington, etc. pressure doesn't come until March.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

NCAA and why certain teams are losers

The Sweet 16 concluded this Friday night. George Mason, Connecticut, Florida and Villanova won.

I no longer can support the PATHETIC play of the Washington state schools. They are losers and always find a way to lose. They should have beaten Connecticut and if this had happened to Illinois all Heck would have broken loose.

Washington state teams lose because quite frankly they don't give enough of a damn to win. In the east, you have to win or else no one cares. Seattle is too laid back and quite frankly so is most of the west, and that includes Los Angeles.

Washington's non-conference schedule was weak and it caught up to them. While UConn's wasn't great, it was better than Washington.

I also want to see Tom Hansen dismissed as Pac-10 Commissioner because he engineered a deal to put Pac-10 games on Fox Sports Net which limits their visibility nationally and he needs to be held responsible for that.

Get a deal on ESPN on Thursday night like a big time conference.

UCLA and USC are good and everyone else are small time small town WIMPS.


Lakeview this shabat was nice. I was probably not at 100% so I didn't get as much "socializing" done as I would have liked. However, it seems that it was a good idea to go there anyway.

I just didn't see too many "eligible" women whom I would seriously consider dating. Most of the ones I am interested in are taken or engaged.

I would have to get used to walking longer in Lakeview than in Rogers Park.

Friday, March 24, 2006

What a shame

What a shame that game was in Oakland last night. Gonzaga had a chance to get to the promised land and they couldn't score in the last 3 and a half minutes last night and let UCLA beat them. They needed one or two more baskets. I saw the first half at Barleycorn's in Lincoln Park on Belden off of Lincoln Avenue. Nice bar, maybe I'll go there again.

Well at least the Huskies (Washington) are alive, but they get UConn, which is a HUGE challenge.

If I am lucky I will have a game to watch on Sunday. Otherwise, I will pass on the rest of the tournament.

Duke lost to LSU and LSU gets Texas, so the PC picks were half correct. Obviously the PC pick is LSU because of Katrina. How much money has Halliburton given to U of Texas? Probably $10 million.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Women in Sports vs. Workplace

On Tuesday night, I listened to the radio and heard Bonnie Bernstein on the Jim Rome show on ESPN 1000 and she was talking about how she's working for Sprint and CSTV covering the Men's Basketball tournament. For those of you not familiar with her, she was a sideline reporter at CBS for Football and College Basketball for a number of years.

While she's a talented woman, I have a problem with women sports reporters, journalists, etc. and for sure "cheerleaders" because guys I know use sports as an escape from the "outside world."

Picture this scene: You're a guy in a law firm or bank and you work 40-50 hours a week maybe more with women on projects, cases, deals, etc. You want to chill with the guys after work (7 -1030 pm) and then you see a Mara Liasson lookalike on your TV screen reporting from the Cell or Wrigley Field. Doesn't exactly sound or look like an escape to me.

Women have their "escapes" and very few men wish to join in those activities (make-up, clothes, shopping). Let us have our escape (as long as it isn't criminal).

Thank you.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gubenatorial Coverage

Last night, I spent some time watching Fox Chicago's (WLFD-32) coverage of the primaries in Illinois. I wish that Fox would have given Walter Jacobson more air time. He didn't appear on TV until close to 10 pm.

I wish that TV would stop catering to identity politics. This is voting based on ethnic group or race or religion. For example, in the Illinois Republican gubenatorial primary, there were four candidates: Jim Oberweis, Judy Topinka, Bill Brady and Ron Gidwitz. Gidwitz is Jewish, but he's a secular Jew and a social moderate, very similar to Judy Topinka. Ergo, why should I vote for him. I chose Jim Oberweis of Aurora because he is the closest candidate to my beliefs.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sweet 16 NCAA picks

Here are my NCAA Sweet 16 picks.

Atlanta, Duke and LSU, Blue Devils and Tigers. LSU is in Louisiana which was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina, so go with LSU.

West Virginia and Texas, Mountaineers and Longhorns. You think Longhorns, an animal and a Mountaineer, a polluter of environment, go with Texas, right? Wrong-o my friend. You see Texas is EEEEEVIL, home of Big Oil, Bush, Rove and DeLay. West Virginia. I would rename Texas the Halliburtons.

Oakland Region
Memphis and Bradley, Tigers and Braves. As we know from Baseball, Braves is a politically insensitive name, go with Memphis.

UCLA and Gonzaga. UCLA are Bruins in a blue state Gonzaga are bulldogs in a red part of a blue state. Plus their fans chanted Brokeback Mountain to an opposing team this year which is soooo-oooo intolerant of the gay community, UCLA.

Minneapolis Region Villanova and BC, Wildcats and Golden Eagles. The bald eagle is an endangered species, go with BC.

Florida and Georgetown. Gators and Hoyas. The name Florida gives liberals chills (think 2000 election) Georgetown by a knockout.

Washington Region
Connecticut and Washington both Huskies but a) Washington hasn't won before and b) their coach is an African-American. Washington

George Mason and Wichita. Patriots and Shockers. Shockers may offend and hurt little kids, but this is small potatoes compared to the Patriots. Patriot Act, the intransigence of the Bush Administration the dead white guys who fought for Independence. Wichita for sure.

That's it for the PC picks.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

weekend recap

This is an NCAA weekend recap, not a social recap. That will happen in another post.

Well, the state of Washington should be pleased as Washington beat Illinois 67-64 in San Diego thanks to Brandon Roy. Dee Brown missed a three pointer at the buzzer that would have forced overtime.

To all of the Jeff Dickerson's and Illinois fans on WMVP and WSCR: Your team deserved to lose, it wasn't that good and the Big 10 hid some flaws. Thank G-d only one Big 10 team is left.

Gonzaga beat the other Big 10 team, Indiana, 90-80. Morrison was held to 14, but 5 other Zags had double figures so it was a balanced attack.

Bradley beat Pitt today and Wichita State beat Tennessee yesterday so Go Valley!!!!!!!!!!

Oh loser Teinowitz who doesn't like Bruce Pearl, hope you're happy.

Friday, March 17, 2006

First day of Tournament

Well the first day of the Tournament was fun. Two 12 seeds won and a 13 and 14 and 15 had chances to win. Fortunately for me as a Zag fan, the 14 lost, albeit by 4 points.

No more Syracuse (thank G-d) and how great Gerry McNamara is for the game of college basketball. He is good for the 1950's brand of basketball.

Today come the other three Valley teams. Wichita State won by 20 over Seton Hall, further confirming my suspicion that they didn't belong. Orr isn't that good of a coach, IMHO. Bobby Gonzalez would be a better choice, if he doesn't go to Rutgers.

So Saturday's matchups are UCLA-Alabama, Gonzaga-Indiana, Illinois-Washington, Tennessee-Wichita, Duke-George Washington, Florida-UW-Milwaukee, BC-Montana and LSU-Texas A &M.

Right now, Ohio State is losing to Davidson (2-15) but I expect the Buckeyes to gain control of the game soon.

I will be rooting hard for Washington and Gonzaga over Illinois and Indiana. U of I fans are the biggest pains in the rear. They are so obnoxious I may root against them because of their foolishness.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why Packer must go

Billy Packer has been CBS' lead analyst on college basketball for about 25 years. I think he's aloof and elitist. However, he said something with respect to the pointed questions he and Jim Nantz directed at NCAA Tourney chair Craig Littlepage that was astounding and snobbish. He said, "My charge in life is not to know all 334 Division I teams, ... If someone said, Packer, that's your job, that's one thing. But I'm not one of those guys who sounds smart because he can spout off the names of every coach."

This is revealing because it shows that he doesn't pay that much attention to the teams outside the power 6 (Big East Big 10, ACC, SEC, Big 12 and Pac-10). He was "surprised" because the Missouri Valley had as many teams as the Holy ACC (4). It is obvious to me that he is out of touch with today's college basketball climate. It's no longer just teams from those six conferences who are good, The Valley and a few other conferences are good. The Valley got more teams than the WAC, MWC and Atlantic 10.

He's like Dan Rather or Mike Wallace, a relic from a simpler media age.

ESPN Broadcasts a ton of college basketball between their three channels (ESPN, ESPN2 & ESPNU). Packer does maybe 10-15 games a year on CBS.

Time for him and Nantz to go.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Big 10

The Big 10 is the worst conference to watch. Those teams (other than Ohio State) are so boring they could put me to sleep.

By the way, When will Northwestern fire Bill Carmody and his entire coaching staff? They are terrible.

Also, next year the Ivy League should NOT get an automatic bid.

They don't play a real schedule and don't have a conference tournament which is wrong and elitist.


Finally, the Minneaolis Region

Villanova and Monmouth, Wildcats and Hawks. Wildcats.

Arizona and Wisconsin. Wildcats and Badgers. Arizona is a red state (aka a state that voted for Bush) and Wisconsin is a blue state. Badgers.

Nevada and Montana. Wolf Pack and Grizzlies. The Grizzly Bear is an endangered species (see the Fish and Wildlife Service website). Montana.

BC and Pacific. Golden Eagles and Tigers. Tigers are mean. BC.

Oklahoma and UW Milwaukee. Sooners and Panthers. Don't know about the Sooners, but the panther is a predatory animal (probably a member of Halliburton for all we know). Oklahoma.

Florida and South Alabama. South Alabama. Why? Florida conjures up bad memories for liberals (recount in 2000). Besides Jeb Bush runs Florida thanks to W's and his daddy's blessing.

Georgetown and Northern Iowa. Hoyas and Panthers. Northern Iowa . Why? Georgetown has won before so let's give UNI a chance.

Ohio State and Davidson. Ohio State. Buckeyes are a plant which means they're a part of nature.

Sorry Ole Miss wasn't in the Tournament.

BTW, in the West Virginia and SIU game. Mountaineers were polluters of the environment, which is wrong (like Halliburton, Exxon, etc.) Take SIU.

Washington Picks

Here are the Washington DC PC picks
Connecticut and Albany, Huskies and Great Danes. Again go with Albany because it's their first time and as good liberals we must give them a chance, kinda like affirmative action.

Kentucky and UAB, Wildcats and Blazers. Take Kentucky because the Wildcat is an endangered species.

Washington and Utah State. Huskies and Aggies. Seem okay, but the name Utah the ultra-conservative state with the Mormons and Christian right tilts us towards taking UW.

Illinois and Air Force. This game is a QUANDARY for liberals. Why???
Illinois' mascot is Chief Illiniwek which the NCAA has banned for tournament games because of In-sensitivity towards Native Americans. So you think take Air Force, right? Not so fast.

Air Force are the Falcons, but they're the US Air Force (for those of you in Rio Linda and West Palm Beach, FL that's the US Military) which is fighting an illegal and unjust war in Iraq.
So we reluctantly take Illinois because the opposition to the Military is more intense than the insensitivity to Native Americans.

Michigan State and George Mason. Spartans and Patriots. Spartans. Can't take the Patriots. Makes us think of Sean Hannity and the Freedom Concert and the PATRIOT ACT which is EVVVILLLLL.

North Carolina and Murray State. Tar Heels and Racers. Tar Heels. Why? Racers race at unlawful speeds and makes us think of the NASCAR Dads.

Wichita State and Seton Hall. Shockers and Pirates. Pirates because of the meanness of the term Shocker. It's too much for little kids to bear.

Tennessee and Winthrop. Volunteers and Golden Eagles. Aren't Eagles an endangered species? Take Winthrop.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Now time for the Oakland Region's PC picks

First is Memphis and Oral Roberts U. Well Oral Roberts are the Golden Eagles, but the problem is that it was founded by a preacher, Oral Roberts. The same would apply if Liberty University made the tournament because it was founded by Jerry Falwell an extreme Christian right preacher.

Take Memphis.

Arkansas and Bucknell. Razorbacks and Bison. Both animals. However, out of sympathy to a former President, go with Arkansas.

Pittsburgh and Kent State, Panthers and Golden Flashes. Go with Pitt.
Kansas and Bradley. Jayhawks and Braves. Oh, this is too easy. Don't the University administrators in Peoria (home of Bradley) know how in-sennnnsitiiiive they are calling the team the Braves. Just like with the Atlanta baseball team. They're oppressing the p-ooor Native Americans. Go with Kansas.

Indiana and San Diego State. Hoosiers and Aztecs. The Aztecs were an ancient Mexican/Indian that was dominant in Mexico in the 15th and 16th centuries. San Diego State.

Gonzaga and Xavier. Bulldogs and Musketeers. Well the Musketeers came from Alexander Dumas' classic the Three Musketeers, which today may not be re-levant to the minority groups populating college campuses. Gonzaga, barely. However, because of the in-sennnsitvity of the GU fans calling opponents Brokeback Mountain, they will not advance past the Second round as we will take the Aztecs who are more multi-cultural.

Marquette and Alabama. Golden Eagles and Crimson Tide. Marquette changed their name and b) are in a Blue State (aka one that voted for Kerry in 2004). Moreover, Alabama was the home of George Wallace, the infamous segregationist. Marquette.

UCLA and Belmont. Both Bruins. This time we'll pick Belmont. Why? Isn't UCLA in California a very blue state, you might ask. Yes it's true. But 1) Belmont is in its first tournament and as good liberals, we have to give them a chance and 2) California has the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Governor.

Next is the DC region.

First annual Environmentalist-Wacko picks

Hey folks, time for my first annual Environmentalist Wacko NCAA Tournament Picks sponsored by Starbucks.

In the Atlanta region we have Duke and Southern. Southern is a member of the SWAC, a conference with historically black colleges. That means that you take Southern.

Next is GWU and UNC-Wilmington, Wilmington are the Seahawks, a bird and GW are the Colonials and they're named for the First President. The Colonials are imperialists, trying to impose their values on indigenous peoples. Take the Seahawks.

Up next are the Syracuse Orange and Texas A & M Aggies. The nicknames are innocent enough but we have a team from Texas, big oil, Bush, Rove, etc. Maybe Tom DeLay went to A & M. Take Syracuse.

LSU and Iona. Tigers and Gaels. Innocent enough but LSU is in Louisiana, which we know suffered because of Hurricane Katrina and the callousness of FEMA and Chertoff. Take LSU.

West Virginia and Southern Illinois. Mountaineers and Salukis, will get back to it before Thursday.

Iowa and Northwestern State. Hawkeyes and a team from Louisiana. Go with NW State.
Cal and NC State. Cal is a no-brainer. Berkeley, peace movement.

Finally Texas and Penn. Penn are the Quakers, but the Quakers were peaceful Christians unlike Today's Christian Right and Pat Robertson and Buchanan. Penn is an easy choice.

Other selections to follow.


Saturday, March 11, 2006


Well I think it's pretty obvious that I need to leave here to get a real social life. The girls who are single who live in WRP are so unattractive and clueless about men that it's pathetic.

On to other things:

In my opinion, Syracuse will go to the Final 4 because they are on a major roll. I don't like them, but they're hot and DePaul kicking their butt woke them up.

UCLA and Ohio State will get #2 seeds.

Enough for now.


Friday, March 10, 2006


One thing about movies that Yeshivish people don't quite understand. Most of the movies I watch are intelligent and have artistic merit in it. I don't say, let me go watch a movie with tons of sex and nudity and no plot. I can see that on cable if I was desperate enough.

This can apply to other things as well like sports, theater, just to name a couple of things in the secular world.

Anyway good shabbos.

Random college thoughts

1) I think I am more Anti-Syracuse than Duke (at least until Syracuse loses to Nova or Georgetown). Gerry MacNamara is one of the most overrated players in the country and I would T him up in two seconds. Moreover, his coach is a poor role model for coaches and should be suspended for a game.

2)Way to go Washington, gag against the Ugly Ducklings of Oregon in the first round. Kinda like the Sonics in 1994 with George Karl.

3) Chicago scene: Rob Judson and Bill Carmody need to hit the road. NIU to lose to Toledo is bad and Carmody can't beat Penn State if his life depended on it.

4) I may actually listen to the Wisconsin-Indiana game today even though it violates my rule about listening to big 10 games because Hush Bimbo and Dan Patrick don't cut it.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Why Kobe should be MVP

Here are Kobe Bryant's stats for 2005-2006
PPG 35.4
RPG 5.4
APG 4.6
SPG 1.8 (Steals per game)
TO/PG 3.1

So it seems to me that Kobe does play defense to the surprise of his critics, who want Chauncey Billups or Steve Nash as the MVP.

Yes the Lakers will be lucky to win 45 games this year, but his year is so exceptional that I feel he has earned the MVP. Besides there's an award for the best player on a championship team, it's called the NBA Finals MVP.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

first step

The first step towards leaving a neighborhood is going to your new neighborhood for something you like. Towards that end, next week for the Purim Seudah, I intend to be in Lakeview at Anshe Shalom's Seudah. It will be fun.

Moreover, for the Israel Day Walk on May 7th, I will go to the Lakeview one by Anshe Emet instead of the Rogers Park one, which is like going to shul except it's muttar to drive. Muttar for those (either non-Jewish or unfamiliar with frum terminology) is permissible.

So the baby steps are happening.

By the way, to Ephy and all UConn fans, let's see a Chris Webber moment in the BIG SPOT.

HA HA HA, The higher the rank, the bigger the fall.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Modern Orthodoxy

One thing that I have noticed is that Modern Orthodoxy has moved to the right. I feel that some of this is a reaction to contemporary society. Just because a lot of kids do drugs, have sex before marriage, etc. doesn't mean that we have to lock up our kids away 100% from society. This is not to say that safeguards shouldn't be in place. But I wouldn't want to go to a school like MTA or Skokie Yeshiva today because I feel they would royally mess me up.

If women who claim they're modern Orthodox have trouble talking to men who aren't married, then they aren't fit to be part of American society. There's a place for you, it's Israel, preferably Har Nof or Bnei Brak.

Olberman wasting time on O'Neil

Keith Olberman, a liberal Democrat masquerading as a journalist, ranted on Sunday about Buck O'Neil not getting into the Hall of Fame. He felt he should have because he was a great Negro Leaguer.

My arguments are:

1) He was a Negro Leaguer, he's already been honored by the Negro Leagues in their Hall of Fame in Kansas City.

2) Too much guilt by journalists and other people about baseball and American society's segregation and racism from 1900-1955.

3) In my opinion, today there is more geographic discrimination or indifference than there is of hurting people based on color. The media ignores Western and small town type of teams because "there's not enough interest" or "the games end at 1: 30 am eastern time".

I personally would rather see more guys from Western teams make it into Cooperstown such as Dave Niehaus and Jerry Coleman (who finally made it last year) than worry about someone from 1940.

If Keith Olberman wants to assuage his liberal guilt, then he should become a Big Brother and work with an underprivileged kid.



sad note

On a sad note, I want to acknowledge the passing yesterday of baseball Hall of Famer and legend, Kirby Puckett, who died from a stroke yesterday at the tender age of 44. He had a smile and an infectious love for the game. The game will be poorer for his loss. He is as identified with the Minnesota Twins as Tony Gwynn is identified with the San Diego Padres as Ted Williams or Carl Yaztremski are with the Boston Red Sox.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Movies, etc.

Well yesterday, my cousin and I donated some of his old TV's to the Ark, a Jewish social service organization and then saw 16 Blocks, a movie with Bruce Willis as a NY City cop protecting some criminal played by Mos Def who I think is a rapper (sorry I am not up on the Hip Hop world like those people in their 20's). It was a formulaic dumb movie because it was predictable that Bruce Willis would outwit the cops (who were corrupt) and his criminal pal makes it to Seattle where his sister is and he starts a bakery.

First of all, who the heck is this cop appointed to "root out corruption". In the Police Force, Military and Fire fighting squads, individualism is not tolerated. Second of all, Bruce Willis isn't a Hollywood hunk anymore.

Now on to College Hoops:
Gonzaga needed OT to beat San Diego yesterday, 96-92. They get Loyola Marymount who nipped St. Mary's yesterday. St. Mary's made the NCAA tournament last year. San Diego is a decent team, I remember they beat Gonzaga in the WCC Final 3 years ago to get the automatic bid.

MAAC: Very sad as my Manhattan Jaspers lost to St. Peter's Peacocks, 82-74. St. Peter's gets Iona who beat Marist 100-84. Burtt Jr. had 30 and another guy had a career high 31.

Syracuse lost to Villanova yesterday in Gerry MacNamara's final home game 92-82. After JJ, GMac may be the most overrated player in college basketball. I don't want to hear about him or Jim Boeheim. I would fire Boeheim or at least seriously consider it because of that loss to DePaul.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

college basketball

Well it's that time of year again.

Here are my thoughts

Horizon League: UW-Milwaukee beat Loyola tonight and they will face Butler in the title game on Tuesday night. Butler beat UW-Green Bay. The winner gets in the tournament, the loser goes to the NIT and maybe Loyola of Chicago gets in the NIT as well. They have 19 wins.

Missouri Valley: All Illinois final between Southern Illinois and Bradley. SIU beat UNI (Northern Iowa) and Bradley beat Wichita State. The Valley will get 3 or 4 bids (SIU/Bradley, UNI, Wichita and one other team). Creighton will head to the NIT as will Missouri State (formerly SW Missouri).

Big East: they will get 6-8 teams in the tournament. Cincy may have earned a bid today by beating the Mountaineers of West Virginia.

Hey hey, Duke lost twice in a week, Wednesday at Florida State and tonight to the Tar Heels in Durham. Take that Dickie V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With respect to the Indiana job and Steve Alford: He is their golden boy, but if they have questions about him in a big spot, then they should go after Tom Crean of Marquette. Former Izzo assistant and took Marquette to the Final 4 in 2003 (with Dwyane Wade's help).


I would like someone to explain to me why a school like Ida Crown has to have a girls only play. What does this do for Modern Orthodoxy today? Do we tell the "non-religious" to go to the Niles Norths of the world?

Modern Orthodox Machmir to me doesn't work because they want to be "accepted" by the Yeshivish people too much at the expense of modernity and the secular/non-Jewish world.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Blue Fringe

Blue Fringe's new CD, 70 Faces is really good. It sounds like coffeehouse type music, so if you're into Simcha Music, you'll be disappointed. They (Blue Fringe) are a good representative of Modern Orthodoxy for today.

Dov Rosenblatt has an EXCELLENT VOICE and the rest of the band is good as well.

I hope every Big 10 team loses by double digits in the NCAA Tournament. They are pathetic old and slow LOSERS!!!

Three letters for Syracuse after the blowout by DePaul last night, N-I-T!!!

Boeheim, hang it up.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kobe for MVP

I think that the NBA's most valuable player, as well as most exciting player, is CLEARLY Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers. Others may be the most important on a winning team, help a previous loser win (such as Elton Brand of the Clippers). But Kobe is it. Matt Steinmetz of Fox Sports Bay Area disagrees with me and thinks that it should go to Chauncey Billups of the Pistons or Steve Nash of the Suns. Perhaps guys in the Bay Area are jealous of LA because the Lakers have been so dominant for 30 years over the Worriers.

Yeah Manhattan!! Sunday night they beat Iona to win the MAAC regular season title and have earned a berth in the MAAC Tournament Semifinals in Albany, NY, near Francesa's favorite place of Saratoga Springs, NY.