Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Washington Picks

Here are the Washington DC PC picks
Connecticut and Albany, Huskies and Great Danes. Again go with Albany because it's their first time and as good liberals we must give them a chance, kinda like affirmative action.

Kentucky and UAB, Wildcats and Blazers. Take Kentucky because the Wildcat is an endangered species.

Washington and Utah State. Huskies and Aggies. Seem okay, but the name Utah the ultra-conservative state with the Mormons and Christian right tilts us towards taking UW.

Illinois and Air Force. This game is a QUANDARY for liberals. Why???
Illinois' mascot is Chief Illiniwek which the NCAA has banned for tournament games because of In-sensitivity towards Native Americans. So you think take Air Force, right? Not so fast.

Air Force are the Falcons, but they're the US Air Force (for those of you in Rio Linda and West Palm Beach, FL that's the US Military) which is fighting an illegal and unjust war in Iraq.
So we reluctantly take Illinois because the opposition to the Military is more intense than the insensitivity to Native Americans.

Michigan State and George Mason. Spartans and Patriots. Spartans. Can't take the Patriots. Makes us think of Sean Hannity and the Freedom Concert and the PATRIOT ACT which is EVVVILLLLL.

North Carolina and Murray State. Tar Heels and Racers. Tar Heels. Why? Racers race at unlawful speeds and makes us think of the NASCAR Dads.

Wichita State and Seton Hall. Shockers and Pirates. Pirates because of the meanness of the term Shocker. It's too much for little kids to bear.

Tennessee and Winthrop. Volunteers and Golden Eagles. Aren't Eagles an endangered species? Take Winthrop.


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