Monday, March 13, 2006


Now time for the Oakland Region's PC picks

First is Memphis and Oral Roberts U. Well Oral Roberts are the Golden Eagles, but the problem is that it was founded by a preacher, Oral Roberts. The same would apply if Liberty University made the tournament because it was founded by Jerry Falwell an extreme Christian right preacher.

Take Memphis.

Arkansas and Bucknell. Razorbacks and Bison. Both animals. However, out of sympathy to a former President, go with Arkansas.

Pittsburgh and Kent State, Panthers and Golden Flashes. Go with Pitt.
Kansas and Bradley. Jayhawks and Braves. Oh, this is too easy. Don't the University administrators in Peoria (home of Bradley) know how in-sennnnsitiiiive they are calling the team the Braves. Just like with the Atlanta baseball team. They're oppressing the p-ooor Native Americans. Go with Kansas.

Indiana and San Diego State. Hoosiers and Aztecs. The Aztecs were an ancient Mexican/Indian that was dominant in Mexico in the 15th and 16th centuries. San Diego State.

Gonzaga and Xavier. Bulldogs and Musketeers. Well the Musketeers came from Alexander Dumas' classic the Three Musketeers, which today may not be re-levant to the minority groups populating college campuses. Gonzaga, barely. However, because of the in-sennnsitvity of the GU fans calling opponents Brokeback Mountain, they will not advance past the Second round as we will take the Aztecs who are more multi-cultural.

Marquette and Alabama. Golden Eagles and Crimson Tide. Marquette changed their name and b) are in a Blue State (aka one that voted for Kerry in 2004). Moreover, Alabama was the home of George Wallace, the infamous segregationist. Marquette.

UCLA and Belmont. Both Bruins. This time we'll pick Belmont. Why? Isn't UCLA in California a very blue state, you might ask. Yes it's true. But 1) Belmont is in its first tournament and as good liberals, we have to give them a chance and 2) California has the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Governor.

Next is the DC region.


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