Monday, March 13, 2006

First annual Environmentalist-Wacko picks

Hey folks, time for my first annual Environmentalist Wacko NCAA Tournament Picks sponsored by Starbucks.

In the Atlanta region we have Duke and Southern. Southern is a member of the SWAC, a conference with historically black colleges. That means that you take Southern.

Next is GWU and UNC-Wilmington, Wilmington are the Seahawks, a bird and GW are the Colonials and they're named for the First President. The Colonials are imperialists, trying to impose their values on indigenous peoples. Take the Seahawks.

Up next are the Syracuse Orange and Texas A & M Aggies. The nicknames are innocent enough but we have a team from Texas, big oil, Bush, Rove, etc. Maybe Tom DeLay went to A & M. Take Syracuse.

LSU and Iona. Tigers and Gaels. Innocent enough but LSU is in Louisiana, which we know suffered because of Hurricane Katrina and the callousness of FEMA and Chertoff. Take LSU.

West Virginia and Southern Illinois. Mountaineers and Salukis, will get back to it before Thursday.

Iowa and Northwestern State. Hawkeyes and a team from Louisiana. Go with NW State.
Cal and NC State. Cal is a no-brainer. Berkeley, peace movement.

Finally Texas and Penn. Penn are the Quakers, but the Quakers were peaceful Christians unlike Today's Christian Right and Pat Robertson and Buchanan. Penn is an easy choice.

Other selections to follow.



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