Wednesday, March 08, 2006

first step

The first step towards leaving a neighborhood is going to your new neighborhood for something you like. Towards that end, next week for the Purim Seudah, I intend to be in Lakeview at Anshe Shalom's Seudah. It will be fun.

Moreover, for the Israel Day Walk on May 7th, I will go to the Lakeview one by Anshe Emet instead of the Rogers Park one, which is like going to shul except it's muttar to drive. Muttar for those (either non-Jewish or unfamiliar with frum terminology) is permissible.

So the baby steps are happening.

By the way, to Ephy and all UConn fans, let's see a Chris Webber moment in the BIG SPOT.

HA HA HA, The higher the rank, the bigger the fall.


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