Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Olberman wasting time on O'Neil

Keith Olberman, a liberal Democrat masquerading as a journalist, ranted on Sunday about Buck O'Neil not getting into the Hall of Fame. He felt he should have because he was a great Negro Leaguer.

My arguments are:

1) He was a Negro Leaguer, he's already been honored by the Negro Leagues in their Hall of Fame in Kansas City.

2) Too much guilt by journalists and other people about baseball and American society's segregation and racism from 1900-1955.

3) In my opinion, today there is more geographic discrimination or indifference than there is of hurting people based on color. The media ignores Western and small town type of teams because "there's not enough interest" or "the games end at 1: 30 am eastern time".

I personally would rather see more guys from Western teams make it into Cooperstown such as Dave Niehaus and Jerry Coleman (who finally made it last year) than worry about someone from 1940.

If Keith Olberman wants to assuage his liberal guilt, then he should become a Big Brother and work with an underprivileged kid.




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