Saturday, February 25, 2006


Well folks, it's that time of year again when college hoops is king. In a week or two we'll have conference tournaments, and the NCAA brackets and Dickie V and all of the "experts" will proclaim Duke or UConn the favorites.

By the way, I want to say this as clearly as I can. While I appreciate women and the feminine perspective, I do not like seeing women sports reporters. If I ran Fox Chicago, I would fire Jill Carlson (who reminds me of a schoolteacher, despite her youthful appearance) Corey McPherrin and Tom Waddle. They have got to be three of the worst local TV sportswriters I have seen and that includes Seattle and KOMO, KIRO, etc. Bruce King (Long time KOMO tv sportscaster) would be inducted into the hall of fame compared to the Fox Bozos.

Duke won again, so did most of the highly ranked teams.

I can't figure out Northern Iowa. They're good, but they have difficulty winning in the Valley. They got hammered by Bradley at home and then lost a dull 46-45 game to SIU in Carbondale. But they can beat Bucknell who is a good team. Greg McDermott, please explain your team to me. I can't tell if they're average or a Sweet 16 team.

Gonzaga won by 16 over the Torerros of San Diego. Morrison was held to 11 (as was pretty boy JJ of Duke) but J.P. Batista had 26 and Raivio did well for the Zags.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to the Villanova-UConn game in Hartford at 1 central on CBS. This will be the biggest regular season game in the Big East since 1985 when St. John's beat Georgetown at the Garden.

Thumbs up to Jim Whitesell of Loyola for getting his Ramblers to win their last three games over Fairfield, Wright State and Youngstown State. They're 17-10 and 4th in the Horizon League.

Thumbs down to the Big 10's worst coach, Bill Carmody for another poor performance against Penn State. Penn State has three wins over Illinois Big 10 Schools (swept Northwestern and beat Illinois at Champaign).

Washington needs to beat Cal to have a chance at the Pac 10 regular season title. Game is tomorrow at 7 central time 5 pacific.

Is Scott Skiles the right coach for the NBA? He's tough and demanding, but he may not be the type to last in today's NBA. Bulls lost back to back (last night to the Pistons at the United Center and tonight to the Sixers in Philly). They're better than the Sonics, but not much.


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