Thursday, February 09, 2006

sports thoughts

Well on Sunday the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 21-10 to win Super Bowl 40 and win their record-tying fifth Super Bowl. Dallas and San Francisco have won 5 Super Bowls as well. Dallas has lost 3 Super Bowls and San Francisco hasn't lost a Super Bowl. Seattle made mistakes and had certain things go against them which didn't help matters. Overall, it was a good experience for the Seahawks and the city of Seattle. Unlike larger Eastern cities, Seattle doesn't get to go to many championship type events.

As I told a friend of mine, now we have Gonzaga and Washington Men's Basketball to look forward to til the end of March. The Sonics are doing poorly and play no defense, so we can forget them.

Pittsburgh has Pitt men's basketball to look forward to, though I think they're no better than a potential Sweet 16 team.

I have no idea why Bill Carmody is still at Northwestern other than the fact that Northwestern University doesn't take it's men's basketball program as seriously as its football program. They can't beat anyone who is good such as Michigan State or even Iowa. He has been at NU long enough to expect some progress and I think it's time for a change.

My solutions are either Bobby Gonzalez of Manhattan College in the MAAC or Brian Gregory of Dayton. I think Gregory would be a better fit for NU as he's a Midwest guy and Gonzalez is an East Coaster who has some Pitino and Calipari in him.

Besides Illinois the only good team in the Chicago area is Loyola, who is 13-8 and 5-6 in the Horizon League. UIC and DePaul are under .500 and bore me to tears.

On another topic, I want to know why sports television executives think that Chris Berman and John Madden are still relevant in 2006. Their shtick is tired and unwelcome. Madden doesn't have it anymore. Berman's nicknames and blowhard style are no longer entertaining. Please, ESPN dump Berman or relegate him to second class status like Women's basketball or Bowling. If Brent Musberger can be relegated to second class status, so can Berman. Musberger is more professional than Berman.

Moreover, I don’t care much for sideline reporters, particularly women sideline reporters who aren’t eye candy. With some exceptions, they have the tomboy look and ultra feminist attitude.

Can we also petition Fox to dump McCarver and promote Thom Brenemann over Joe Buck. If Joe Buck’s dad wasn’t as well known as Thom Brenemann’s dad, Thom Brenemann would be the number one voice of baseball.


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