Monday, February 20, 2006

Day off

Hey today is a day off from work. Hip hip hooray.

Today in the USA is President's Day. We used to celebrate Lincoln's Birthday (Feb. 12th) and George Washington's Birthday (Feb. 22nd). But the merchants wanted more business so President Kennedy or Roosevelt caved and made it the Third Monday of Februray which is closer to Washington's birthday than Lincoln's.

In Illinois, the Libraries and city offices close on Lincoln's birthday. Wouldn't see that in New York or other eastern states.

Anyway, my friend Tuviyah Spector (oldest son of my landlord) became a father last week as his wife gave birth to a son. I missed the Shalom Zachor on Friday night because of a) tiredness and b) it was about 5 degrees outside. So I went over to his apartment and gave him a card and a mazal tov.

I bought a new CD, Blue Fringe's 70 Faces. Blue Fringe is headed by Gary Rosenblatt's son Dov. Gary Rosenblatt is the editor of the New York Jewish Week, a prominent Modern Orthodox publication. My family spent a shabat at his house about four years ago before my brother got married.
The picture of me is from two weeks ago at the Bassman's during the Super Bowl party. I know it's not a Seahawk t-shirt, but it's from Seattle and the same colors, so it's good enough for me.


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