Sunday, February 19, 2006

President's Day weekend

Well, last week was a good week. Finished a whole month at the bank I am working at.

Only thing is I can't get off til 415-430 so by the time I get home it's right before sundown. I made my own meal on Friday night and unfortunately I missed Tuvia Spector's son's shalom zachor, because it was at his apartment on California and North Shore. But it's really really cold and I went to 3 shalom zachors in the 4 weeks before Lakeview so that's too much.

Yesterday for lunch I went to the Strahlberg's a nice family who just moved to Chicago. David works as an economist for Lexicon, a company that does financial analysis support for law firms in lawsuits. His wife will be going back to work after the birth of their second son. She's from Clifton, NJ near Passaic. Very nice family. He's from Miami and went to U of Chicago for his MBA.

I still have no idea what I should do as far as dating. Maybe I have to roll the dice on Lakeview and go there in a couple of weeks and see if I can date someone (TBA).

Sports: Can ESPN Radio PLEASE fire or dump John Stashower???!!! He is the most biased update guy I have heard. He's a WFAN reject. If it doesn't involve an East Coast team, it isn't important to him.

Theere,... that felt better.

ESPN and Westwood One are almost the same. PC, East coast centric sports entities.

Thank the Good Lord for Sporting News and Fox Sports.

On the political end, tell Fox News Sunday to dump Mara Liasson who is looks challenged to say the least. Ceci Connolly of the Washington Post is more presentable to the eye. Juan Williams is fine.


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