Sunday, February 19, 2006


Here are my teams to watch out for, besides Connecticut and Duke:

Northern Iowa, really solid team, beat Bucknell and Iowa.
Nevada: for some reason, fell out of the top 25.
UCLA: Good team, good coach.
Winthrop: gave Gonzaga some trouble in the first round last year, won it's bracket buster game
Iona: best team in the MAAC, even better than the Jaspers of Manhattan :-(
Marquette: upset Georgetown and Pittsburgh this week.

As you know, I love Bobby Gonzalez of Manhattan. But the fact is that they don't have 20 or so wins so they have to win their conference tournament to get in and Iona has Burtt Junior who's the best player in the conference.

My comment on the Indiana situation: Davis lasted 6 years which is good, but he was in an impossible spot, succeeding a legend in the General Bobby Knight. Alford is the only choice. As much as Wittman or Majerus (or even Few of Gonzaga) would do okay, the guy IU boosters dream about at night is Alford.


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