Friday, September 26, 2008

Shana Tova

Shana Tovah to all bloggers out there. Enjoy Rosh Hashana 5769.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MLB Awards

Here are my picks for the 4 major awards in the AL & NL.

NL MVP: David Wright, even if the Mets lose to the Phillies, I think he's the most complete player in the NL. No Phillie deserves the award, good players, not great. Howard strikes out too much, Rollins didn't run out ground balls, Utley doesn't have enough speed.

NL Cy Young: Webb or Lincecum. As of Labor Day, it was Webb's award to lose. Now, with the losses and the Snakes falling behind the Dodgers, give it to Lincy.

NL ROY: Soto, Volquez is second

NL Manager: Torre, yes the Dodgers have a big payroll, but getting the Dodgers in the race was a tremendous job.

AL MVP: Probably Pedroia, give Josh Hamilton a Silver Slugger.

AL Cy Young: Lee of Cleveland, a NO-Brainer!!!

AL ROY: ???, any one have a good idea, let me know.

AL Manager: Maddon of Tampa or Gardy of Minnesota.

Monday, September 15, 2008

quick football thoughts

1) The NFL does not let the game breathe. There are too many games where a ton of penalties are called. For example, in the Bears-Panthers game yesterday, there were 22 penalties called, 12 on Chicago and 10 on Carolina. 10 of the 14 games played yesterday had at least ten penalties called. One of them was not the Pats-Jets because as we sports fans all know, Bill Belichick is so smart and his team is filled with geniuses who never commit penalties.

2) Too many defensive coaches in the NFL. I like the Bill Walsh approach. Unfortunately, there are too many Lovie Smiths and John Foxes and Mike Tomlins around.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Washington State sports PITIFUL or for the Dawgs

To all Washington State Sports fans:

Although I live in Chicago, the Midwest, I still follow and root for the Hawks, Mariners, Cougars, Huskies and Zags.

The Mariners got swept by the Angels and helped Frankie Rodriguez (K-Rod) set a record for saves in a season with 58. He will be a wealthy man by Christmas (or Hanukkah).
The Seahawks lost at HOME to the 49ers in overtime.
Washington State flew to Waco to play the Baylor Bears early because of the hurricane and lost 45-17 and Washington embarrassed itself at home against Oklahoma 55-14.

This is the nadir of Washington State sports that I can recall. No Sonics (now in Oklahoma) and every team is pitiful. I hope that Gonzaga has an ENORMOUS YEAR. However, the schedule will be really tough.

By the way, the Bears lost as well, U of I escaped over Louisiana Lafayette and Northworstern romped over SIU. Yippee.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

sad story

Here's a really sad story out of Virginia. Thanks to Mark Levin for telling his audience about this last night. It's a story of the ultimate sacrifice that a father made for his son, can't measure it in money, awards, offices won, etc.

I think that as religious Jews or all Jews (don't mean to be discriminatory) in light of the fact that Rosh Hashana is less than three weeks away, as we read the story of the Akedah, the binding of Isaac to the altar as G-d told Abraham, that we think about this man, Mr. Vander Woude of Virginia who saved his disabled son from death.

Shabat shalom,


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Burleson out for season

While Nate Burleson isn't a QB, plays in the West Coast and doesn't date anyone famous, his being out for the season is almost as crippling as Tom Brady is to New England.

This year can't get any worse for Northwest sports fans. No NBA team, lousy baseball team, terrible college football teams and a weakened NFL team.

When does Gonzaga practice? Heck when does Tony Bennett and the Cougs practice?

Monday, September 08, 2008

sports thoughts

1) As someone who attended classes at the University of Washington, and has family members with a lot of contact with UW, I was very disappointed in this weekend's effort against BYU.

In my humble opinion, this game proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ty Willingham cannot lead this team to a 6-6 record. Giving up two long fourth quarter drives to BYU, as well as the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, shows me that he cannot close the deal. I would fire Mr. Willingham now (today) and appoint someone on a temporary basis for the rest of the season and when the season is over, call Missouri to get Gary Pinkel to come to Seattle.

WSU's performance was abominable, however, the coach is a young guy and the talent level isn't where it should be, but in a couple of years, WSU will be better than UW.

Seahawks shouldn't have been embarrassed by Buffalo. It is a losing organization that was good 15 years ago.

The Toronto Blue Jays have been playing better, yet their GM, J.P. Ricciardi, should not keep his job because he has not improved this team significantly in seven years.

Regarding the NCAA unsportsmanlike conduct rule about excessive celebration. This is a LIBERAL attempt by know-it-all NCAA administrators who are 75 years old and living in 1955 and expecting kids to behave like Wally Cleaver. These people think that we're too stupid to figure out how to behave, so they legislate it. Once you have a rule like that, you have to apply it all the way in all situations. Attacking the referees doesn't address the problem. They simply enforce the rules. I care about the rule-makers and their snobby attitude.


Well, I had a nice weekend and saw some good people over shabbos up around Touhy Avenue.

One good thing that happened was earlier in the week, I got back my tallis (tallit) with new tzitzit (fringes) that are stronger than the ones I had previously had. A shout out to Kesher Stam for their good work. It's good to have both Rosenblum's and Kesher Stam, they have different purposes.

On Labor Day, I heard a shiur/lecture on Shidduchim from one of the respected Rabbis in West Rogers Park. While he made some good points, it was geared at a different audience, one younger and frummer. However, the "modern" side does not have a Rabbi or an adequate response, at least over here. Telling someone to go to Shabatons in NY/PA is a dodge, not a good answer.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

women sports reporters

One thing that amazes me is how there are quotas for women sports reporters. There are the tomboys, think Amy Lawrence of ESPN Radio and Suzy Kolber of ESPN TV. Also Jill Carlson of Fox 32 in Chicago. However, then there are people like Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson so as to give men "eye candy" while watching the game.

What gives? For example, why can't Fox 32 hire Sarah Kustok and dump Jill Carlson. Carlson is older and a tomboy and Kustok is younger, prettier and a former athlete.

Thank you Fox 32,

Also, please explain to me why Jack (A!@#$%^&*() Conaty is your political reporter. He is a Liberal Hack who loves Daley and the Dems.

sports thoughts

1) Since my whole life has been spent in Seattle, Chicago and New York, I have never warmed to teams from the South. While the citizens of Texas, Florida, etc. are nice people, their teams really bore me and it amazes me that the Seattle Mariners and Chicago Cubs both lost series this week to teams from Texas. Texas is one of the most unsophisticated baseball states around despite the fact that many good players hail from that state.

2) I like the Saints in the NFC to surprise and if the Seahawks had good running backs or wideouts, I would pick them to win 12 games. 10-6 will be enough in the NFC Worst.