Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Death Penalty explained

Courtesy of Gregg Jackson of WRKO Radio in Boston, Massachusetts, a BLUE state if there every was one

Stricter enforcement of capital punishment does, in fact, deter crime. From 1990 to 2000, the number of murders in the USA decreased as the number of executions increased.
Political analyst William Tucker in the National Review Online states, "The most dramatic decline in murders in the last decade has been precisely in those regions that have had the most executions... Since 1990, [ Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas] have performed half the nation's executions... [and] murder rates in these states have fallen faster than anywhere else in the country. (Patrick F. Fagan, The Real Root Causes of Violent Crime: The Breakdown of Marriage, Family and Community, The Heritage Foundation, 3/17/95, www.heritage.org )

Maybe The Great One, a.k.a Mark Levin can expound upon this point better than I.

Monday, July 30, 2007

things to ponder

One: With respect to the Death Penalty, it is to deter future acts of violence, not past. Another time I will post from Gregg Jackson's blog, www.conservativecomebacks.com where he makes a convincing argument for the Death Penalty.

Two: Thank the Lord for the Rangers and Braves for making an "enormous" deal today. Texas dealt Mark Teixeira and Ron Mahay to Atlanta for Jarrod Saltamacchia and a couple of other prospects. Who knows if and what the Chicago Cubs and White Sox will do. Cubs are interested in former Met Jay Payton and the Sox may deal Dye to Boston. Seattle and LA are interested in Garland.

Let's see Stoneman of Anaheim have some stones and make a deal. Colon is hurt.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

lighter stuff

Sports: Much lighter than the previous post.

1) If the Seattle Mariners don't step it up and win plus make two trades before Tuesday evening, I will root for Anaheim and the Cubs the rest of the season. I have no desire to follow a mediocre team from 1800 miles away.

2) With respect to Sports radio in Chicago, I am not as interested in WMVP ESPN 1000 as much because of Dan McNeill's silly comments and the station's politically correct goody two shoes approach to handling it. Both parties (and the woman who is probably a tom boy) have some blame and ego.

Sports Central on WGN Radio 720 is pretty good. Heard it once earlier this week.

things to ponder

One: This terrible murder case in Connecticut is proof positive of two things.

Here's the link to the story. Let me warn all, the pics and story are not appropriate for all ages or for those who are squeamish.


A) We NEED the death penalty to deter scum like that form destroying a whole family. I hope that there's a strong judge in this case. Too bad Mark Levin (a.k.a. The Great One) can't be the judge in this case.

B) The Second Amendment is necessary and gun restrictions prevent people from defending themselves. While the police and other law enforcement are necessary and respected by me and all concerned citizens, cops can't be omnipresent, especially when there are other things going on such as drug deals, battery, etc.

While the Democrats do a Youtube debate about Iraq, health care, Two Americas, etc. we have to clean up our own house first.

You don't have to be "Jewish" or conservative to be horrified about this case. It could happen to anyone, that's the whole point.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dunn the answer

To all Mariners and Dodgers Fans

If your team actually wants to win this year, please persuade your GM to make a deal in the next week for Adam Dunn.

www.lookoutlanding.com see what they say about Dunn.

To Cubs fans:

Try to get Matt Morris, former Cardinal pitcher who once won 20 in the Show.

Friday, July 20, 2007

quick note

One quick note: This site WILL NOT TOLERATE proselytizing or trying to convert one to another religion or promoting false MESSIANISM of any kind.

If you do that, I will ask you to stop reading my blog.

Next installment will be in the next few days, possibly after Tisha B'Av, which is on Tuesday.



Wednesday, July 18, 2007

pics of Tex and Dunn

various things

1) Boy, it can be hot in the summer, and we haven't gotten one of those 95 degree days. Glad that I can dress in a way where the heat doesn't blister me, t-shirts and short sleeve light colored shirts do the trick.

2)Cubs made a significant trade on Monday, trading Rob Bowen to Oakland for Jason Kendall, former three time all star in Pittsburgh. I want to see some more big names traded, if possible. Seattle ought to get Adam Dunn ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's a HUGE Presence in the lineup. Cubs, need to send Izturis and Jones packing. Sox, Dye and Contreras will get you something.

This is for my cousin Moshe and all LA Dodger fans: Get off your play-it-safe duffs and demand that Ned get Teixiera even for Ethier and Loney. Now is the time to get the brass ring.

Seattle can't get Teixiera (aka Big Tex) because they're in the same division with the Rangers. Perhaps the Cubs should try to get him as well. Next year he could be playing for the Orioles, as he's from Maryland originally.

Friday, July 13, 2007

baseball musings and other things

Well the second half of the baseball season is under way and I have some thoughts.

1) The NL Central (aka Comedy Central) will be won with 84-88 wins. Therefore the Cubs need to trade or get rid of Jacque Jones and Cesar Izturis. If and when Kerry Wood comes back, great, if not we didn't lose anything. He does good charitable work, has this bowling event for charity next Sunday at 10pin lounge, next to Crunch, where I used to work out for three years. I predict that Wood and Prior will be with other organizations next year (and not on the South Side of Chicago either).

2) Seattle (city where I grew up) is playing well, 50-36 after last night's win over the mighty Tigers. I never would have said that four years ago, but that was before Mr. NL old-school manager saved the day, Jim Leyland.
However, the Mariners need a bat.
Here are ten guys that they can get.
1) Eric Hinske of Boston, former Rookie of the Year for Toronto
2) Jermaine Dye of Chicago, former all-star and World Series MVP.
3) Trot Nixon, Cleveland, member of 2004 Boston Red Sox Champs.
4) Lew Ford, Minnesota, cheap fourth outfielder.
5) Bobby Abreu, New York, former all star and homer derby champ in Philly.
6) Shannon Stewart, Oakland, all star in either Minny or Toronto.
7) Vernon Wells, Toronto.
8) Jacque Jones, Chicago, former Twin
9) Adam Dunn, Cincinnati, born to play in the AL, DH, Big Burly Slugger.
10) Aaron Rowand, Philadelphia, all star and member of 2005 Champs in Chicago.

I want either Dunn or Dye. Abreu would cost too much and he's high maintenance. Knowing Bavasi, he'll get Lew Ford or Rowand. Jeff and the Mariner bloggers from www.lookoutlanding.com or USS Mariner or Mariner Housewife, who do you want?

On a Jewish subject, there was a nice dvar torah about what to make of one's summer break. There was a story where these Yeshiva guys (Talmudic students) went down to Miami from New York. On their way back, they stopped in Georgia and Virginia. They stopped in that city in a mall to daven (pray) mincha and went on their way. A few weeks later, the yeshiva got a call from that same city asking for some Yeshiva students to do Jewish outreach. Moral of the story: your deeds can have a positive effect on someone that you don't realize at the time of your mitzvah.

Shabat Shalom.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

why I mentioned those blogs

Last time, I mentioned some blogs worth visiting, but didn't mention why.

Frumhouse: I live in West Rogers Park in Chicago and her blog is a good source of information on what's happening in the community.

Kankan Chadash: I grew up in Seattle, this guy went to the same high school and is now in the yeshiva that is closely affiliated with my high school. He likes philosophy, particularly Jewish Philosophy. Hirhurim's blog is similar with a more YU bent.

Saw the NHL schedule for the Hawks, it's terrible from a marketing standpoint. No East coast teams, no Ottawa or Pittsburgh.
Let's just say the Hawks better be four games over .500 by the end of November or they will struggle to draw fans to the United Center.

Other sports thoughts: All Star game was okay. I was glad that Ichiro won the MVP. The National League is a dull boring league and they should install the DH effective next year. Why they're so stubborn about it is beyond my comprehension.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blogs to visit
1) http://frumhouse.blogspot.com
2) http://kankanchadash.blogspot.com Matt Schneeweiss, former Seattle guy who is studying at Rabbi Israel Chait's Yeshiva in Far Rockaway, Yeshiva Bnei Torah, www.ybt.org

3) http://hirhurim.blogspot.com

Monday, July 09, 2007

baseball midseason awards

The weather here is quite warm. However, if we lived in California or Nevada, it would be close to 105 degrees and more unbearable.

Anyway, the All-Star break is upon us. Many baseball columnists give their awards. Here are mine.

AL MVP: Magglio Ordonez. No way should A-Rod get it, even with 60 homers. A-Rod cost Jeter the MVP last year. Because the midwest writers were so annoyed at having A-Rod and Papi shoved down their throats, they voted for an imperfect candidate, though a very good player and quite a slugger in Morneau.

AL Cy Young: My heart says Haren. My head says Beckett. 20 wins in Boston will tip him over the finish line.

AL Rookie: Daisuke Matzsuzaka will win it but I'll vote for Jeremy Guthrie of Baltimore just to go against the Northeast axis.

AL Manager: Francona, unless the Angels win 100. Can't give it to MacLaren, though Grover would have gotten some votes had he stayed the whole year.

NL MVP: Prince Fielder, though Utley may get a lot of votes if Philly can win the East.

NL Cy Young: Peavy.

NL Rookie: Pence. I might consider Josh Hamilton of Cincy.

NL Manager: Black of San Diego or Yost of Milwaukee.

Monday, July 02, 2007

thoughts on stuff

Good for the Republicans and Democrats for defeating the Immigration bill. It was not a good bill.

Anyway, the Mariners are playing well, even with the resignation of Mike Hargrove yesterday as Manager.

They're 45-33 and have two All-Stars, Ichiro Suzuki and J.J. Putz. With a surge, they're one game behind the Tigers for the Wild Card and four behind the Angels for the Western lead.

Why haven't the Blackhawks gotten a top line center in free agency? Answer: Wirtz is a skinflint who doesn't want to win if it costs too much.

Cubs have won 8 of 9 to reach .500. They have a shot at catching the Brewers.

Cubs all stars: Soriano and Derrek Lee. Sox got Jenks in the All Star Game.