Monday, July 09, 2007

baseball midseason awards

The weather here is quite warm. However, if we lived in California or Nevada, it would be close to 105 degrees and more unbearable.

Anyway, the All-Star break is upon us. Many baseball columnists give their awards. Here are mine.

AL MVP: Magglio Ordonez. No way should A-Rod get it, even with 60 homers. A-Rod cost Jeter the MVP last year. Because the midwest writers were so annoyed at having A-Rod and Papi shoved down their throats, they voted for an imperfect candidate, though a very good player and quite a slugger in Morneau.

AL Cy Young: My heart says Haren. My head says Beckett. 20 wins in Boston will tip him over the finish line.

AL Rookie: Daisuke Matzsuzaka will win it but I'll vote for Jeremy Guthrie of Baltimore just to go against the Northeast axis.

AL Manager: Francona, unless the Angels win 100. Can't give it to MacLaren, though Grover would have gotten some votes had he stayed the whole year.

NL MVP: Prince Fielder, though Utley may get a lot of votes if Philly can win the East.

NL Cy Young: Peavy.

NL Rookie: Pence. I might consider Josh Hamilton of Cincy.

NL Manager: Black of San Diego or Yost of Milwaukee.


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