Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jewish centric post, singlehood and shul politics

It's Sunday, as I promised last week, I would have a Jewish-centric post. No mention of men being paid millions of dollars to play a boy's game.

1) I wonder why single women in the unmarried Orthodox world are reluctant to talk to men, just for the sake of practicing social skills. If one is in the Yeshivish world, I understand, however, for those on the Yeshivish-Modern bent or Modox Machmir bent, it makes no sense to pretend that you're a sixteen year old in Bais Yaakov. What good does it do you or the men you're trying to marry?

2) A shul/Beis Medrash that I attend frequently is leasing space from another shul. There has been talk of a possible merger, but there are complications. The Beis Medrash has purchased a building that's closer to Touhy , where it would be more convenient for some of its members. I heard that they are having trouble with zoning because if they can build a shul, then a whole bunch of mosques will go up. This is a problem that has to be solved quickly. As evidenced by the last Alderman election, this is too heterogeneous a neighborhood to take for granted. Personally I would be freaked out seeing mosques, it would be the equivalent of living in Montana or Idaho (states near where I grew up) and knowing that there were White Supremacists groups nearby.

Maybe we should consider going elsewhere so that the Muslims don't bother us. Skokie is an option but I think some of the Muslims might follow us there. One can hope that they aren't the types who want to convert the world into Sharia, but I would be leery of that.
ld be leery of that.


Blogger frumhouse said...

As far as single women not talking to men - you can't go for years being taught that it isn't tznius to talk to boys, and then suddenly adapt when now told - it's for shidduch purposes - it's ok to talk to boys now! Making conversation is an acquired skill. Approaching someone takes courage. I guess it's as hard for girls as it is for guys to begin a conversation.

As far as the zoning opening a can of words - it is an issue. However, think of all the Jews that daven each day at the Kotel with a mosque on the Har Habayit! In Israel, there are mosques and churches everywhere - it doesn't stop it from being the Jewish holy land.

We will survive even if mosques open right next to our shuls - it is pretty pointless to alter our own plans to open shuls in fear that other groups will be able to open religious insitutions too. I say, go where you want to regardless of loosening zoning regulations. They are going to worm their way in regardless - now or later. We just have to learn to live alongside each other in peace.

June 29, 2007 2:37 PM  
Blogger JMNOR55 said...

Dear Frumhouse,

Are there families in WRP (West Rogers Park) that would have both unmarried women and men at the same shabbos table? I can't seem to find one. Perhaps I need to look harder.

December 10, 2007 3:16 PM  

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