Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup, Hockey's Championship will take place around Memorial Day. Unfortunately, in Chicago, it merits little or no coverage because the Black Hawks are so bad and unwatchable. There should be a campaign to have Dollar Bill Wirtz sell the team to someone who wants to win.

Recently, I read in the paper that the Blackhawks hired some assistant head coach, who was an interim coach in Florida. Why the heck anyone wants a coach like that is beyond me.

What they need to do is raid the front office of the Red Wings, Ducks, Devils or Senators (even Predators) and get some people from winning organizations who care about winning. I suggest all Hawk fans watch a video I recently saw on Mark Messier. It's available from I think it's less than 15 bucks. Pride in winning and doing your best is non-existent on this team.

At least we have the Chicago Wolves, an AHL farm team for the Atlanta Thrashers. The Wolves will be starting the Calder Cup Western Conference championship on Friday against the Hamilton Bulldogs, Montreal's farm team.

In the meantime, I hope Ottawa wins and that Anaheim can beat Detroit.


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