Thursday, May 03, 2007

sports thoughts

1) Denver lost to San Antonio last night and their season is over. This stinks for two reasons:

1) Carmelo Anthony is a more attractive superstar than Duncan is.
2) I hate the Spurs as they are the least attractive good team to watch in the last 25 years. Plus they're from Texas and Texans are conceited people.

George Karl should be dismissed by Monday as he is a failure as a head coach. If he can't get Melo and AI to win a playoff series, then the Nuggets should find someone else to coach these guys.

2) Good win by Ottawa, bad loss for the Sharks to the Ancient Red Wings.

I hope to see either the Senators or Sharks in the Finals. Sorry Chaviva, the Devils are boring and don't score enough goals.

Jewish note:

May 6th is Israel Solidarity Day in Chicago. May 15th at night in Skokie is the Yom Yerushalayim celebration, See for more information or the Likutei Peshatim of last week or this week (Chicago residents only).


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