Friday, April 20, 2007

hockey and basketball

Well it seems that the Left is winning again with the Imus thing getting him fired for his infamous comments.
Also Pelosi visiting Syria and submitting to wearing a burqa or niqab or whatever the Muslims want women to wear in their �holy� counties. This country is in bad shape and has become more sissified in the last 3 or 4 years and this is with a Republican president.

NBA: Eastern Conference:


Detroit in 5


Cleveland in 5

Toronto-New Jersey

Toronto in 6


Chicago in 7

Western Conference

Dallas-Golden State

Dallas in 5

Phoenix-Los Angeles

Phoenix in 6

San Antonio-Denver

San Antonio in 6


Houston in 7

Well, I am looking forward to the weekend because it's supposed to be nice. I will talk a walk and get together with friends, etc.

Also, I want to catch up on the NHL playoffs. Why the NHL playoffs over the NBA playoffs? Because there's more drama in a hockey game than in a NBA playoff game. I can shell out 50 bucks for an EA Sports NBA 2K7 game and have a good idea of who will win. What are the odds of the Warriors upsetting the Mavericks or the Magic (aka Tragic) upsetting the Pistons? One in 100.

Last night the Dallas Stars beat the Vancouver Canucks 1-0 in Overtime on a goal by Brendan Morrow. I remember pulling for the Canucks when I was in Seattle, particularly 1994, when they lost to the New York Rangers in 7 games. However, if Vancouver wins, then Dallas is gone. I can catch the Stars games on the radio late at night. Their games are aired on the Newstalk leader of Texas, WBAP, AM 820. Also home of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.

NHL: Eastern winners: New York Rangers, Ottawa Senators
Buffalo Sabres one win away from beating the Islanders and the Devils and Lightning are tied 2-2. My friend in Brooklyn is a big Devils fan but the team doesn't score enough goals. They don't have a Mark Messier to take the team on his shoulders when the going gets tough.

Western Winner; Anaheim Ducks
Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks are one win away from advancing to the Secound round. Detroit and Calgary are tied 2-2.

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