Friday, March 30, 2007

random things

One: The weather has changed a lot in the last week. Sunday and Monday it was 75 or warmer yesterday it was about 40. I expect this trend to continue for at least another week or so.

Two: Somebody explain to me why anyone from a blue state should be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. It's one thing to impose a nanny state in states like Massachusetts, Illinois, New York and California. It's another to run a whole country like that.

Three: Can Baseball experts pick teams other than the following to win this year: NY, BOS, PHI, STL, LA and the White Sox or Tigers. It's quite annoying to see the same darn predictions year after year. How about someone pick Toronto in the AL East or the Brewers in the NL Central? That would show some guts and out of the box thinking.

On a personal note, I have done a lot of cleaning recently so it feels good to have some of that accomplished before Monday morning.

Shabat Shalom and Happy Pesach.


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