Tuesday, March 13, 2007

PC picks

North Carolina. EKU are the Colonels which is a military term and the Left Loathes the military.

Marquette vs. Mich. State. Marquette. MSU are the Spartans who are dead white males.

Texas vs. NM State. NM State. Texas is evil because of Bush, Halliburton, etc.

USC vs. Arkansas. Arkansas. USC are Trojans. Arkansas is home to our hero Bill Clinton.

Georgetown v Belmont. Georgetown.

BC v. Texas Tech. BC. Blue state vs. Texas, no contest and Bobby Knight is mean.

WSU v. Oral Roberts. WSU. Oral Roberts is a preacher and shows the Christian intolerance.

Vanderbilt v. GWU. Vanderbilt's nickname (Commodores) is less offensive than GWU's nicknames (Colonials).

Other regions to follow.


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