Monday, March 12, 2007

weekend thoughts

I had a nice weekend. Saw some of my friends and helped two of them celebrate an anniversary.

My thoughts on the NCAA tournament as well as the NIT.

First of all, the Big 10 got one or two bids it didn't deserve or at least come with a question mark. Illinois, despite the win over Indiana on Friday night, is a marginal team. Michigan State isn't that good, save for a win at home over Wisconsin.

The NCAA selection committee was a little annoyed that the CAA and MVC teams (George Mason, Wichita State and Bradley) did as well as they did last year. They resolved to fix that by letting in fewer of those types of teams into the tournament.

Snubs include Drexel and Missouri State. Sorry I won't shed a tear for Syracuse, West Virginia or Kansas State or Clemson.

NIT wasn't kind to smaller schools and western schools. No Pac-10 team made the NIT, although they got a record 6 teams into the NCAA tournament. Also, Loyola of Chicago missed the NIT and I felt that they should have made the NIT. Their coach SHOULD be retained, not fired like I wanted a couple of weeks back when they lost at home to UIC.

Tomorrow or Wednesday I will do the Environmentalist wacko picks. Always a lot of fun, although it would be more fun if Florida State or Oklahoma State were in.

I really like Memphis to win the whole thing. I have no faith in Kansas to succeed as a 1. Ask Bucknell or Bradley if they fear Kansas.


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