Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I saw an article today in the Chicago Sun-Times lamenting the fact that Northwestern's basketball team stinks year after year and that they have never been to the NCAA tournament. Frankly, they will never compete in the Big 10 because they're a hoity-toity academic school competing with 8 or 9 state schools. Michigan and Ohio State want a pushover school that they can beat up on. Illinois they have to take seriously in basketball and once in a while in football.

I don't like Carmody, but I don't know which big name coach or assistant is going to come in and turn this program around. Brian Gregory of Dayton maybe.

Memo to all NU students and basketball fans, why does your basketball team stink every year?

You make bowl game appearances in football, why can't you succeed in men's basketball. I know the answer but it's politically incorrect.


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