Wednesday, March 14, 2007

more NCAA stuff

From a post on the Gonzaga fans part of yahoo.

After Duke and Notre Dame, the two teams I want to lose the Most are UCLA and Arizona. Lute Olson is one of the more arrogant and patrician coaches in the game. BTW, there's a reason why the Pac-10 doesn't get respect, kudos that it should. Blame your commissioner Tom Hansen, for accepting a deal with Fox Sports Net to air games on Thursday and Saturday nights. If your league isn't on ESPN, AKA the worldwide leader, you are invisible. That's why Gonzaga got such a visibility rating, because they played on ESPN. Preseason NIT, Memphis, Duke, etc. helped get them exposure.

Now to PC Picks

Florida Jackson State. Jackson State. To liberals, after the service academies, the two states they root against are Texas and Florida.

Arizona-Purdue. Arizona.1) McCain is from Arizona. 2) Boilermakers ruin the environment.

Butler-Old Dominion. Butler. Old Dominion are the Monarchs and are imperialists trying to impose their Eurocentric values on the oppressed.

Maryland-Davidson. Maryland. Davidson is Tony Snow's alma mater. Snow is Bush's press secretary so that is an easy choice.

Notre Dame-Winthrop. Winthrop. a) Winthrop is the underdog. b) Fighting Irish. Irish should be peaceful and fun-loving people like the Daleys and Kennedys.

Oregon-Miami, O. Oregon. Ducks are nicer animals than RedHawks who had to change their nickname from the Redskins.

UNLV-Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech.a) ACC. B) Runnin' Rebels. These Rebels must be the same Rebels or related to the Ole Miss Rebels who support the Stars and Bars (Confederacy)

Wisconsin-Texas A&M CC. Wisconsin. They're the Badgers and the other team is from Texas


Kansas-Niagara. Niagara. Purple Eagles are nicer than Jayhawks. Kansas is a red state.

Kentucky-Villanova. Villanova. Kentucky is a red state.

Virginia Tech-Illinois. Virginia Tech. Illinois are the Fighting Illini and showing offense to Native Americans. Not even the Man-God aka Barack Obama can save the Illini.

Southern Illinois-Holy Cross. SIU. Holy Cross are the Crusaders. How mean-spirited of Holy Cross to impose their theocratic values on the citizens of Massachusetts.

Duke-VCU. You would think Duke, but because of the Duke Men's Lacrosse team, this pick goes to VCU who are the Rams and nice animals.

Pitt-Wright State. Pitt. Wright State are named for dead white males, Orville and Wilbur Wright.

Gonzaga-Indiana. Gonzaga. Indiana is a very red state.

UCLA-Weber State. UCLA. Weber State is probably named for a dead white male.


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