Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TV stuff and neighborhood happenings

1) Last night I saw the final 2 episodes of 24 on Fox. It was good, for the most part. Though I am not the most avid watcher of 24, I have paid more attention in the last month.
After 24, I saw the Fox News at Nine. They did an expose on the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and what they were attempting to plot on a certain presidential candidate. While this is unfortunate, I feel that the "hate groups" are not as powerful compared to some of the Hamas/Hezbollah cells that are in our midst. The radical Muslim groups can do more damage than the KKK or their split-off groups can.

Moreover, as a conservative (politically) I feel compelled to point out that these folks do NOT speak for us, nor be used as an excuse to marginalize people such as Jim Oberweis (former gubernatorial candidate).
Mr. Oberweis has taken a tough stand on illegal immigration and isn't loved by the Judy Topinka wing of the Republican Party in Illinois. So what happens is people say, hey if you take a tough stand against certain ethnic groups, you're similar to the KKK and other hate groups. Not right, but perception becomes reality in many cases.
As one author put it, the hate groups don't seek to promote the individual, but rather lump people into groups, along ancient tribal divisions.

2) On a sad note, someone that I know had a tragedy happen to them recently, and during the Holiday of Shavuot (Festival of Weeks) I will try to learn some Mishnayot (Chapters of the Oral Law) in memory of the person who perished.

3) I heard that in West Rogers Park, we have someone who claims to be a charity collector, but has foisted himself upon some of the women in our community. I have not seen this first hand, but for those who know this situation better than I do, be warned and let others know.

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