Thursday, June 21, 2007

sports centric post

For those who check out this blog for Jewish things, I will post something tomorrow or next week.

Anyway, now that baseball season is in full swing, I have some thoughts.

1) White Sox are a one hit wonder. While it was great for the City of Chicago that they won in 2005 (though not for die-hard Cubs fans), they are playing poorly.

I expect A.J. (aka Red-A!$%^&) to be traded as well as Jermaine Dye, the 2005 World Series MVP.

2) Despite the poor play in the NL Central, don't expect the Cubs to make a run. It will be those Redbirds from the city of St. Louis. St. Louis is a small town IMHO, Sorry if Missourians take offense. Its' metro population is around 2.2 million, which ranks it around 20th in the United States.

3) Interleague play is not interesting anymore, outside of New York, Chicago and Maryland and possibly Los Angeles/Orange County. We should have six interleague games a year, not 18. The Cubs play 12 and the Sox and all AL teams play 18 interleague games. That's nine games a year that the AL can't use the DH. Typical NL bogus pomposity about how "pure" their league is. I would use stronger language, however, due to the sensitivity of some of my readership, I will refrain from doing so.

4) Len Kasper stinks as a broadcaster. Chip and Stoney are ten times better than him. Chris Singleton should be whacked immediately and forced to work for the Charlotte Knights or Birmingham Barons with Mike MacDougal and the other subpar pitchers.

5)The New York Yankees are NOT going anywhere this year. Any team that gets swept by the Colorado Rockies (a subpar NL Loser team in a football mad city), ain't good enough for October.

6) Begrudgingly ESPN has done a good job in not being so eastern centric. This Sunday night it's game is Detroit at Atlanta and July 1st it's Minnesota at Detroit. That's a start. Put the Angels on Sunday night. They are really good.


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