Wednesday, June 13, 2007

There are some good things happening

1) I like the fact that my friend from Israel who's in for a day called me. He's a Big New England sports fan (Pats, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics). Right now, he could have two reasons to celebrate in the next eight months or so. Red Sox are in first and the Pats will be heavy Super Bowl favorites.

2) The Mariners are red hot!!!!!!! Five in a row and 16 of 21 to pull within three games of the Anaheim Angels. Sorry, won't call them the official name. Mariner potential All-Stars are Ichiro, Kenjii Jojima and J.J. Putz (pronounced Pootz, not like the Yiddish profanity). Kudos to Justin Verlander of the Tigers for throwing a no-hitter last night at Comerica Park against the Brew Crew.

White Sox are playing poorly. They can�t hit and other than Buerhle�s 100th win on Sunday, they don�t have much going. Cubs are a little better. Zambrano won on Monday and homered but he probably will be dealt to the Yankees in the end of July.

3) Spurs are boring us basketball fans to sleep. Let them and their Texan fans enjoy.
Perhaps they should be stripped of a draft pick or two.

4) On that note, Stern has done a bad job in enabling a goody two shoes team like the Spurs to win. Bettman is much worse though. Dryden for commissioner is the best idea.

On a Jewish note, go to for a story on Reishit HaGez or shearing the sheep. It happened this week in Israel. It's a pretty cool story.

That's all for now.


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