Monday, October 23, 2006


Well, I haven't posted on this blog in a while.

Kudos to the St. Louis Cardinals for advancing to the World Series. While I know they want to win the Series, just getting there is an accomplishment. As a Mariner fan (not as strong as 5 years ago) I know how difficult it is to get there, as the M's are one of five teams to not reach the Series, the other four are the Rangers, Rockies, Devil Rays and Nationals.

NFL: Seahawks lost 31-13 to Minnesota and will struggle for the next month because Hassleback is out for a month or so. Alexander will be back in November, hopefully.

I predict that the Colts will lose to the Patriots if the Broncos don't spank them first.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Beane and Sabermetrics a failure

I am going to say something I would not have said a while back. Billy Beane is a BASEBALL failure and should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY for looking like a horse's backside.

Sabermetrics doesn't work in the playoffs and I think the fact that his team got swept by Mr. Old School National League Manager Leyland means that his time is up and he and RICCIARDI are a bunch of overrated GM's who should move on.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

things happening

Well, Cory Lidle of the Yankees died in a plane crash yesterday crashing his plane or chopper into a building on the Upper East Side. That is extremely sad and may the family know no more sorrow.

Anyway, about Detroit, I don't think that a team that lost 119 games 3 years ago should have been allowed back into the major leagues as it showed a lack of character and determination which is characteristic of major league teams. Moreover, I feel that people like them because they're an eastern team that was good once (1984 and 1968). Most of the baseball establishment hates Oakland because of Billy Beane and Moneyball. I don't know what they think of Seattle, probably admire them to a degree because they're bland and boring. A bunch of nice boy scout role models are the Seahawks, Mariners and Sonics, won't tick any one off, be polite and courteous and lose without much of a fight (literally and figuratively).

Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah I will spend at Shaarei Tzedek because KINS and Mikor won't do it for me (as far as singles go).

I predict that St. Louis will win Sunday's game over Seattle 24-20.
No Alexander is a problem hopefully Branch and Stevens will catch some passes.

Chag Sameach.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

why I don't like Detroit

Detroit is a old guard northeastern industrial city that was big and good once but was reliant on American Cars to be successful.

Moreover, between some of the incidents involving the Pistons and their fans, that gives me another reason to root against them.

It wasn't like I was a big Yankee fan bleeding pinstripes like Mike Francesa as much as I was against Detroit. I would have rooted against the Yankees in the second round.
Many people dislike New York. I dislike Detroit.

I personally like the city of Baltimore. It's a nice city, on the east coast, close to New York and Washington.

Only Tiger I care for is Carlos Guillen.

With respect to the NFL and all of the Bear LOVE being tossed around. If they win the NFC and play Indianapolis I of COURSE will root for DA BEARSSSS!!! It's an obligation from Da Coach, Ditka!
I predict that Peyton Manning and his Colts WILL LOSE on November 5th on Sunday night football to Tom Brady and the Brilliant New England Patriots and their genius coach Bill Belichick. I openly DESPISE Prickly P and his goody two shoes Southern "charm". Sorry I grew up in the west and northeast and Prickly P doesn't fit my image of a great athlete.
He's the red state quarterback. What that means is that the states that the GOP and where George Bush won he is popular, such as Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi, he's the greatest thing since grits and sliced bread.

Now on to another team and athlete.

I don't necessarily like the Yankees but I don't hate them, unless they play Seattle.

However, I do think that their era of gliding to the World Series is over.

Torre may need to go, because he only has one year left which make him a lame duck and I doubt that George will extend him.

As for the Third Baseman, he and New York need to cut ties. He can't deliver in the playoffs for whatever reason. Let him go to Chicago, Los Angeles area or Cincinnati or somewhere else. Not enough A-Bombs for A-Rod in October.

Maybe Toronto would be good for him.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Well Sukkot was nice. I had a nice time at my various hosts.

Sports wise: Detroit and Oakland won the AL series and the Mets won their series and St. Louis is about to win their series.

Bears are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! 40-7 over Buffalo.

Anyway, have a good week.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006