Thursday, December 04, 2008

sports ramblings

1) Congratulations to Gonzaga's men's basketball team on winning the Old Spice Classic in Orlando, Florida last week and reaching the fifth spot in the polls. Gonzaga beat Oklahoma State, Maryland and Tennessee to win this event. Unfortunately, the best team in the country is North Carolina and they would beat Gonzaga by at least a dozen. That can wait until March.

2)Oklahoma (or Choke-lahoma), Ohio State and Florida State are football teams that I can NEVER root for. They're a bunch of bullies who run up the score on inferior teams, but lose to the good ones. I bet USC would beat Chokelahoma in the BCS title game by ten to seventeen points.

3) Seattle and Washington state sports teams need to get difference makers if they ever expect to win anything. Nice guys finish last, unfortunately.


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