Sunday, May 10, 2009

wy the Miss California controversy matters

Why is this Miss California thing such a big deal? Because the Political Left and the Democratic Party Establishment want to deny conservatives or traditionalists a platform to reach the public. They have ruined Miss Prejean but when they remove her crown, they will be sending a message to future contestants, toe the line on Homosexuality and other cultural issues or else you will be punished and not permitted to enter. This is very sad and we traditionalists need to wake the hell up (pardon my language) and stop this from happening. The Miss California committee is interested in setting a precedent and message to all traditionalists, you have no place in popular culture. We have to resist this. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be locked away in a religious or traditional setting. Television, movies and music are accessed by more than 85% of the American population and for us to ignore this is foolish.