Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tribune letter

Other Views
Chicago Tribune Sports Department
435 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

Dear Other Views:

In light of the Ozzie-Jay Mariotti schoolyard spat, I want to tell you why Jay Mariotti is a bad influence on sports.
1) He is a shallow person. At least once or twice a column he makes a gratuitous reference to popular culture, catering to the lowest common denominator.
2) He embraces every left-wing/progressive social fad such as affirmative action, tolerance, diversity and whatever Howard Dean and the DNC deem acceptable.
3) His writing isn't even close to Thomas Boswell or George Will of the Washington Post.

Fortunately your paper has Mike Downey and Bob Verdi. These are good sportswriters.

Thank you.


Joshua Normand
Certified Paralegal

On other topics, the Mariners are .500 after beating the Diamondbacks 11-7 last night in Phoenix. They're 16-7 in June, not coincidentally, most of their wins are against the NL Worst teams. Heck the whole NL stinks.

Game on Monday was nice. Last night was pathetic, I got home after school, turned on the game, it was 4-3, when I was in the shower Ramirez homered to make it 4-4. Walker knocked in a go-ahead run, but then Dempster blew it by doing his best Latroy Hawkins imitation and gave up 4 runs.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brad Stine

Brad Stine is a comedian who is a) conservative and b) clean. I got one of his DVD's and was quite impressed. If Sean needed a comedian at his Freedom Concert, he should call Brad Stine.

DH, The fact that the AL has it and the NL doesn't is the reason why the AL is SUPERIOR to the NL.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

columnists in Chicago

The sports columnists in Chicago are not NEARLY as good as the ones back East. Bob Verdi and Mike Downey of the Chicago Tribune are my two favorites. Verdi is older and writes as an elder statesman. Downey is good and not as pop culture crazy as some others.

Jay Mariotti is a person who can adversely affect sports fans and dads of young boys playing sports with his PC attitude and overly hip attitude. That being said, he shouldn't be called a derogatory name.

Thomas Boswell and Peter Gammons of the Washington Post and ESPN are the best baseball columnists.

Well, see you guys on Wednesday.

By the way, GO BEAVERS!!!!!!!!!! They won 11-7 tonight to force a deciding game for the NCAA baseball championship. They're playing one of Vitale's teams, North Carolina. Maybe Jordan can give the Heels a pep talk.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

random things

Well, I would like to say a few things.

First, why are sports writers ALL a bunch of left-wing semi-progressive/socialist people?

When I read the opinion papers, I can read the establishment or left wingers like David Broder, Maureen Dowd or a right winger like George Will, Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin. There is no such voice in sports writing.

This is something that I thought about in light of the Ozzie Guillen controversy.

Also, women should NOT be sportswriters or sportscasters. Memo to Fox Chicago: Get Rid of Jill Carlson NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is incompetent. I could do a better job than her.

Been busy working and studying so that's why I haven't blogged.


Saturday, June 17, 2006


Kris Benson of the Orioles beat the Mets tonight at Shea Stadium. He's an okay pitcher but he doesn't realize why he was traded. It's his "partner" Anna Benson. Why he didn't ditch her is a good question. I know she's attractive but she's also a pain in the rear and baseball requires a lot of concentration. She's a MAJOR distraction. Let's put it this way, she makes Chelsea Cooley (Joe Mauer's girlfriend) look like a choir girl or bais yaakov girl.

Speaking of women, can Fox 32 WFLD in Chicago can the useless Jill Carlson like now? Why in the lord's name is she working as a "sportscaster"? I don't get it.

I miss Ken Rosenthal's column in the Sporting News. I wish him good luck and a speedy recovery if he or a family member is sick.

General stuff

Well things are okay in Rogers Park. I wanted to go to a shalom zachor last night, but it wasn't to be. Had I gone early it would have worked since I ate dinner late. However, I visited the family this afternoon so that's good.

To make a long story short after the patent and trademark class is over, I intend to move to Lakeview. No kidding around or BS.

On interleague play and the National League. I despise this arrogance that the National League has about not using a DH. Every other professional league in North America has a DH. Why can't they.

First of all, their games aren't as good, because the starting pitcher has to be removed after the sixth or seventh inning for a pinch-hitter. Second of all, it's not playing according to the current rules, not the ideal rules which went away a long time ago.

Also, I am boycotting sports talk radio. It is no good. I am annoyed at Harry Teinowitz for his UNPROFESSIONAL and immature dispute with Dan McNeil. He should have been fired on Tuesday or Wednesday for his dispute with Dan McNeil, who is more valuable than he in the scope of things.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Coulter, part II

Here is the point about Coulter. Just because she's attractive, blonde and conservative, doesn't mean that I should get all excited about her columns or books. Moreover, in the Orthodox tradition, her "pushiness" or aggressiveness is a liability, not an asset.

Michelle Malkin I have no problem with nor with Maggie Gallagher, Teri O'Brien. But they're not leggy blondes who are bombastic WASPs.

Moreover, she was on the cover of Time Magazine last year in a provocative pose, which the conservatives conveniently overlook.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I personally am not a big fan of Ann Coulter. She is aggressive and dismissive of her enemies.

Please don't look to her as a role model for conservative women.

Monday, June 05, 2006

sports thoughts

1) Dallas-Miami is good for the NBA. It's good to have new teams instead of the same boring teams, such as the Pistons and Spurs.

2) Edmonton-Carolina is a good series, except that it's impossible to find the NHL in the USA.
Game 3 will be possible because it's on NBC. Whooppee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Cubs are mediocre and this is typical of National League teams that are wimps because they don't have the DH. The DH is in its 34th year so it's no longer a novelty.

4) I must take issue with D'Alessandro of the Newark Star-Ledger about Adelman. While the Maloofs aren't the best owners, Adelman has had plenty of chances to win an NBA title and couldn't get it done.