Sunday, June 25, 2006

columnists in Chicago

The sports columnists in Chicago are not NEARLY as good as the ones back East. Bob Verdi and Mike Downey of the Chicago Tribune are my two favorites. Verdi is older and writes as an elder statesman. Downey is good and not as pop culture crazy as some others.

Jay Mariotti is a person who can adversely affect sports fans and dads of young boys playing sports with his PC attitude and overly hip attitude. That being said, he shouldn't be called a derogatory name.

Thomas Boswell and Peter Gammons of the Washington Post and ESPN are the best baseball columnists.

Well, see you guys on Wednesday.

By the way, GO BEAVERS!!!!!!!!!! They won 11-7 tonight to force a deciding game for the NCAA baseball championship. They're playing one of Vitale's teams, North Carolina. Maybe Jordan can give the Heels a pep talk.


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