Tuesday, February 27, 2007

things to think about

Well, I found out that a scary thing happened to my relative over the weekend. He was feeling fine until the early morning on Saturday when he became nauseous and had to go to the hospital Saturday night. Fortunately, he got better and released from the hospital last night, but it sounds scary. One moment you can be fine, the next moment you're struggling for survival.

May we all not take our health and well-being for granted. Thursday is a fast day in the Jewish calendar which reminds us of the fragility of life.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sports thoughts

1) Good win for Illinois last night in Happy Valley over Penn State. With 21 wins they should be in the tournament, probably about a 8 or 9 seed maybe 10.
2) Nice win in San Fran-Psycho (Savage lingo) by the Zags last night. They are now 20-10 and thanks to Loyola Marymount's win over Santa Clara, they have an outside chance at winning the WCC regular season title. I still believe (as do the experts) that this is a one -bid league. Even with wins over UNC and Texas and Stanford, it would be hard to get in as an at-large. They have a 1 in 4 chance as opposed to the typical mid major at large, whose chances are closer to 1 in 6.

Loyola of Chicago did a TERRIBLE job in losing to UIC at home last night after beating Butler in Indianapolis. You can't do that in trying to get into the NCAA or NIT. If they miss both the NCAA and the NIT because of that loss, I think the coach needs to be whacked. I blame him for not putting the urgency in the team's preparation.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Well, work is going okay. As far as posting stuff, it will happen infrequently. Did some errands today which was important.

Anyway, it seems like that Gonzaga and Washington will be in the NIT. They both lost big non-conference games yesterday and are gonna be on the outside looking in.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

long post

Well, I haven't posted in a while. With work and looking for a full-time job, I don't have time to post during the week, thank G-d.

Anyway, Congratulations to the Colts on winning the Super Bowl.
I will never have a Peyton Manning poster in my room, but that's me. I grew up in Blue cities, not in Red States.

Shabat was nice at my relatives the Azoses. I heard Raymond Beyda yesterday afternoon at Ohel Shalom Torah Center. He was good. I wanted to attend last night but it was too cold and I didn't want to walk a mile to KINS for the dinner.

Now on to sports:
Bill Carmody of the Northwestern Wildcats Men's basketball team is a bad coach and his team is UNWATCHABLE! Memo to Mark Murphy, the AD. Get a new coach with a better offense and a winning philosophy.

Gary Bettman is the worst sports commissioner since Ford Frick. Why the NHL owners like him and allow this fruitcake to keep his job is beyond me. Maybe because the Canadians have less money than the American teams. But they need to change for their own good.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

General stuff

Well, work is good.

Northwestern University's men's basketball team stinks. It has no clue how to play offense or defense. Illinois is decent, not great.

Gonzaga, props to them for beating Stanford on the road on Wednesday night.