Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Types of frum single women available

There are a few different type of Orthodox or "Frum" women available.

1) The really nice Bais Yaakov girl who just hasn't had luck.

2) The Baalat Teshuva who grew up somewhat involved but now thanks to Aish Hatorah or a similar type of organization has frummed out, only wears skirts, doesn't see too many movies or listen to secular music, etc. I won't put a name on such a person but this is among the most prevalent of the Modox Machmir/Yeshivish Modern.

3) The pseudo-Modern Orthodox person or someone who went to a coed high school but wasn't in the "Bnei Akiva" crowd and moves to the right by default.

4) The really really attractive and modern one, but she gets one or two dates and then breaks up with the guy because he sees her as eye candy, not as a spouse or mother.

Hopefully I can meet someone who isn't in these categories.

BTW, on another topic, I want the Yankees to reach the World Series so that Chris Russo (aka the Mad Dog) on WFAN radio in New York will get upset and start his "Crack Committee" of frustrated NL fans such as Bob Heussler, Ed Coleman, Contintent Carlin, etc.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well things are okay.

Baseball: Following people should not be managers or GM's next year:

Chicago: Dusty, Hendry and MacPhail Hendry and MacPhail are the problem, not Dusty. However, Dusty is making 3 million a year.

Toronto: Ricciardi and Gibbons. Ricciardi is all hat and no cattle. They should be better than five games over .500.

Cleveland: Wedge for being too stubborn with Carmona.

San Francisco: Alou hasn't been that good and it's time for a young guy.

Washington: Same thing. Robinson has been around too long.

Go Seahawks and Bears.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I had to delete a certain post because it was posted out of frustration.

While I can lament the lack of Bnei Akiva type of women, I shouldn't resort to name calling.

Anyway....... my cousin Kayden is having her Bat Mitzvah this weekend. That should be fun.

Mariners are lousy Seahawks season starts in two plus weeks.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

my philosophy and lifestyle, why I call myself a Bnei Akivanik

I will take a few minutes to explain my philosophy and why I call myself a Bnei Akivanik and why I want a woman who fits into this description.

I grew up in Seattle, Washington. My day school was a community day school. We had Orthodox and Non-Orthodox kids in my class. Then I went to high school, which was similar in makeup. However, I did not want to spend my whole life in Seattle, but I was not the Yeshivish type, so my parents sent me to this camp in Wisconsin called Camp Moshava. I enjoyed it and went to three other camps, two in Wisconsin and one in Pennsylvania.

I spend most of my weekdays in downtown or Lincoln Park, the non-Jewish world. People I run into aren't Jewish, or if they are, then they aren't religious 7 days a week. Therefore I have to have a foot in both worlds.

The reason why I do not want to date any woman from West Rogers Park is because most of the single women here do NOT live the way that I do. They did not participate in Bnei Akiva or NCSY and as such, they disagree with my premises of religious life. I personally think that this is a flaw in one's thinking because Chicago is not like New York, where if you're in a borough like Brooklyn, and most of the single women are more Machmir, then you go to Manhattan and the Upper West Side and you're content. If you won't go to Lakeview, then you better hope that you find someone here or be open to travel. Travel doesn't mean a singles shabaton in the Catskills. It could be going to Milwaukee, St. Louis or Cleveland. Creativity is needed.

When did us Bnei Akiva type of people become the minority among Orthodox thinking? Are there enough of us around to form our own group?

We are religious but don't wear black and white 7 days a week, that's all.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sports and other stuff

Well I am looking forward to the NFL Season. The baseball season for me is essentially over as the Mariners have tanked against the AL West teams. Two of them (Anaheim and Texas) are a bunch of thugs and uncivilized players, particularly Texas and their bigoted manager, Buck Showalter. He is such a good old boy it's pathetic. I would like him to never work in the majors again. Every year his team gets into a brawl. I only wish that the Mariners and other Seattle teams had such fight in them.

My NFL picks:
AFC West: Denver (by default)
AFC South: Jacksonville
AFC North: Pittsburgh
AFC East: Miami
Wild Cards, Indy, Baltimore

If Baltimore misses the playoffs, goodbye Billick

NFC West: Seattle
NFC South: Carolina
NFC North: Chicago
NFC East: Washington
Wild Cards, Minnesota and Dallas

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

new things

Good to be back blogging. Lots to discuss.

One is that my class in IP Law will end next week. The test is on Tuesday and with a lot of studying I should pass.

Two is what happened a week ago and how it affected my family's travel plans. Early Thursday morning,Scotland Yard (British FBI) discovered a plot to blow up planes going from London to the USA. To make a long story short, my Mom missed her flight because of the long wait and security procedures, my Dad made it but didn't get his suit bag until Sunday morning and I made it with little snags. When I came back to Chicago during Chol Hamoed Pesach, my flight was delayed over three hours because of a thunderstorm in Iowa and Illinois. I got in at 9 pm instead of 6 pm.

Sports wise I am looking forward to the NFL season. I expect the Seahawks to make the playoffs, after that is anyone's guess. However, what does that leave the Northwest sports fan who has given up on the M's? Should we follow training camp practices? Kind of boring.

Memo to SI: Stop doing articles on Chase Utley and other Philadelphia athletes. They aren't that good and it's a city full of LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!! Spend time on the Dodgers or A's or Twins. Yes I know that Mauer made the cover of SI a couple weeks ago.