Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Types of frum single women available

There are a few different type of Orthodox or "Frum" women available.

1) The really nice Bais Yaakov girl who just hasn't had luck.

2) The Baalat Teshuva who grew up somewhat involved but now thanks to Aish Hatorah or a similar type of organization has frummed out, only wears skirts, doesn't see too many movies or listen to secular music, etc. I won't put a name on such a person but this is among the most prevalent of the Modox Machmir/Yeshivish Modern.

3) The pseudo-Modern Orthodox person or someone who went to a coed high school but wasn't in the "Bnei Akiva" crowd and moves to the right by default.

4) The really really attractive and modern one, but she gets one or two dates and then breaks up with the guy because he sees her as eye candy, not as a spouse or mother.

Hopefully I can meet someone who isn't in these categories.

BTW, on another topic, I want the Yankees to reach the World Series so that Chris Russo (aka the Mad Dog) on WFAN radio in New York will get upset and start his "Crack Committee" of frustrated NL fans such as Bob Heussler, Ed Coleman, Contintent Carlin, etc.


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