Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Northeast cities that are bad sports cities

I wanted to list cities that are poor sports cities.

1) Philadelphia, the worst sports city in North America. Always whining and booing and making excuses. The perfect city for us conservatives to mock because they are NOT rugged individualists.

2) Detroit. An uncivilized city. Just look at the incident in Auburn Hills almost two years ago. The Tigers (til this year) and Lions are pathetic and should have been contracted a few years ago.

3) Cleveland. Nice city, but haven't won in 40 years, 1964 Browns. Hopefully Lebron will change that.

4) Chicago. Only teams that win are owned by Jerry Reinsdorf, who grew up in Brooklyn. Halas, Wirtz and the Tribune company are clueless as to putting a good team on the field or ice.

5) Pittsburgh. The Steelers successes don't overshadow a lousy baseball team and average NCAA basketball and football team.

6) Los Angeles. Dislike Dodgers and Angels. No NFL team. Hockey mediocre. At least there's USC Football and UCLA basketball.


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