Friday, July 07, 2006

Modern Orthodox Liberal

I am going to write something about being Modern Orthodox Liberal and why it works for me and why I object to Modox Machmir.

Modern Orthodox Liberal means a few things
1) Tolerance/Openness to the outside world, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Movies to name a few things.
2) I feel Modox Machmir are trying to prove to the Yeshivish Modern people just how "frum" they are. They're constantly talking about how much they learn, give divrei torah and also go to daf yomi, other shiurim.

But while I daven and learn, I don't feel so "sheltered" and do better with those who are more modern or in the "downtown world".

Yes, I know that the Modox Machmir and Yeshivish Modern may be more on my political side, but that isn't a reason to stay in a community.

Good day.


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