Saturday, August 19, 2006

my philosophy and lifestyle, why I call myself a Bnei Akivanik

I will take a few minutes to explain my philosophy and why I call myself a Bnei Akivanik and why I want a woman who fits into this description.

I grew up in Seattle, Washington. My day school was a community day school. We had Orthodox and Non-Orthodox kids in my class. Then I went to high school, which was similar in makeup. However, I did not want to spend my whole life in Seattle, but I was not the Yeshivish type, so my parents sent me to this camp in Wisconsin called Camp Moshava. I enjoyed it and went to three other camps, two in Wisconsin and one in Pennsylvania.

I spend most of my weekdays in downtown or Lincoln Park, the non-Jewish world. People I run into aren't Jewish, or if they are, then they aren't religious 7 days a week. Therefore I have to have a foot in both worlds.

The reason why I do not want to date any woman from West Rogers Park is because most of the single women here do NOT live the way that I do. They did not participate in Bnei Akiva or NCSY and as such, they disagree with my premises of religious life. I personally think that this is a flaw in one's thinking because Chicago is not like New York, where if you're in a borough like Brooklyn, and most of the single women are more Machmir, then you go to Manhattan and the Upper West Side and you're content. If you won't go to Lakeview, then you better hope that you find someone here or be open to travel. Travel doesn't mean a singles shabaton in the Catskills. It could be going to Milwaukee, St. Louis or Cleveland. Creativity is needed.

When did us Bnei Akiva type of people become the minority among Orthodox thinking? Are there enough of us around to form our own group?

We are religious but don't wear black and white 7 days a week, that's all.


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