Friday, August 18, 2006

Sports and other stuff

Well I am looking forward to the NFL Season. The baseball season for me is essentially over as the Mariners have tanked against the AL West teams. Two of them (Anaheim and Texas) are a bunch of thugs and uncivilized players, particularly Texas and their bigoted manager, Buck Showalter. He is such a good old boy it's pathetic. I would like him to never work in the majors again. Every year his team gets into a brawl. I only wish that the Mariners and other Seattle teams had such fight in them.

My NFL picks:
AFC West: Denver (by default)
AFC South: Jacksonville
AFC North: Pittsburgh
AFC East: Miami
Wild Cards, Indy, Baltimore

If Baltimore misses the playoffs, goodbye Billick

NFC West: Seattle
NFC South: Carolina
NFC North: Chicago
NFC East: Washington
Wild Cards, Minnesota and Dallas


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