Sunday, January 28, 2007

race and goals

With the Bears and Colts in the Super Bowl, this is the first time that a black head coach has reached the Super Bowl. While this is noteworthy, the average liberal, feel good do gooder is making too big of a deal about it.

Does that mean that when the Patriots reached the Super Bowl with Romeo Crennel as defensive coordinator, a black assistant, that it wasn't an accomplishment? Also how come no one makes a big deal about Clarence Thomas or Condoleeza Rice being as accomplished and one of the few blacks to reach Supreme Court Justice and Secretary of State.

We should not dwell on race as much as we do. It isn't healthy. Other countries don't obsess like we do.

College Basketball: Washington swept the Oregon schools, WSU beat OSU and lost to Oregon last night in OT. Gonzaga beat USF (Bill Russell's alma mater) last night.

GU is 14-7. Wisconsin is the most underrated team in the country, they're 20-1.


Well, my new gig at the firm downtown is going well so far. I had to change shabat plans and stay at home in Rogers Park, but since I was tired it was acceptable. When you work a full week, every so often you need to eat quickly and sleep. Not every weekend can be a shabaton.

Anyway, I want to figure out where I will see the Super Bowl next week. Other things are going to fall into place.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

stuff happening

I will be starting something exciting professionally later this week. With the help of G-d, it should go well.

The state of the Dis-Union is tonight. I will miss it because I will be attending the Ten Li Torah event in a few minutes.

Once upon a time, it was important to listen to. Now it's a load of hooey and not so important in the grand scheme of things.

Sports wise not much besides the Bears and Colts playing in the Super Bowl on February 4th. Good for Indianapolis and Chicago, bad for the networks. At least Belichick can't bore the media to tears with his boring press conferences.

College basketball doesn't heat up until February. NBA and NHL are a WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!

NBA and NHL fans are wasting their money watching regular season basketball and hockey.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Well, I think that the Bears will win, but it will be close. I don't want the season to end because then we will have to pay attention to the Bulls and Blackhawks and that bores me to tears.

The liberal sportswriter of the week is Bill Simmons of ESPN, because he feels guilty rooting for the Patriots now and didn't feel so good after their win over the Chargers on Sunday. He compares the Pats to the Yankees. Well, doofus, the Yankees are the Model sports franchise in North America. Do you want to be like the Clippers or Detroit Lions?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Enviromentalist wacko picks (late)

Colts-Ravens: Raven is a bird of prey, colts are young innocent horses. Take the Colts.

Saints-Eagles: Eagles, notwithstanding the fact that the Saints play in New Orleans which was devastated because of the incompetence of Bush, FEMA, Michael Brown and Chertoff (DHS). Saints are still too religious for the PC crowd. Also the Eagles are an endangered species.

Seahawks-Bears: Fake birds versus savage animal. Tossup, take the Bears because the Man-God aka Barack Obama is from Chicago. Also, Microsoft owns the Seahawks and they were shutting out other computer companies from doing stuff, remember the DOJ suit against Microsoft during Clinton's time.

Patriots-Chargers: Chargers, even though they represent electricity, they're not as bad as the Patriots, Patriot Act, they win too much, Belichick is boring, yada yada yada.

Bears-Saints: Saints because of FEMA's incompetence. However next year they have to change their name to be more IN-CLUUUUUUSIVE! to atheists.

Colts-Pats: Colts, but Peyton Manning has to do something special for the inner city to show he's not just a good old Southern Boy.

things to ponder

One: Will the weather in Chicago be super cold for the next month or just for a week or two? I have heard that the winters that we have now are not nearly as bad as they used to be.

Two: I am pulling for the Bears and the Patriots in the Title games on Sunday. Saints-Colts would BORE ME TO TEARS.

Three: I am eager to hear the President's state of the Union address in a couple of weeks. He will have a hard time getting his agenda through, including more troops in Iraq, tax cuts, etc.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well, as a Seahawk fan in Bears territory I want to congratulate them on their win over the Seahawks today in the NFC divisional playoffs. They won 27-24 in overtime, for those who didn't watch or were busy with other things (household chores, simchas, etc.).

I thought that Matt Hasslebeck's inability to drive the Seahawks down the field in the last part of the game cost the Seahawks the game. The defense played decent, gave up one big play in the second quarter, but was decent considering that they don't have a LT or Butkus type guy on their team.

As for next week, the Bears defense BETTER play better or the Saints will be headed to Miami. I don't like the Saints, I think they're an incarnation of the old St. Louis Rams from 5-7 years ago. However, they can move the ball.

Anyway, see you around later in the week after MLK's holiday.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

like Savage's plan

Today, I listened to Michael Savage's plan for Iraq. It goes something like this, we withdraw by and large and draw Iran into the hornet's nest. They will fill the vacuum and then fight the Iraqi Shia. Let them bleed for four years instead of us.

Better than the usual GOP establishment cheerleading.

Also, I want some ladies to tell me why we need female sports reporters who look like tomboys and are hired for one reason and one reason only: Affirmative Action.

Lastly, if Senator Kennedy doesn't want us conservatives to mock him and bring up Chappaquiddick, then he shouldn't chase the cameras to bash Bush or the GOP every other day (excluding holidays).

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Well, I am back from Seattle. It was a much needed vacation.

Got to play uncle with my nephew and enjoy being at home.

Anyway, in the spirit of PC mocking, here are my picks for the NFL wild card games.

First: AFC Matchup Sat., Chiefs and Colts.

This is too easy, Chiefs are denigrating the Native Americans, especially with the headress. Although the Colts are the "red state team" with Peyton Manning, take the Colts because of their sensitivity to animals.

Cowboys and Seahawks.

No brainer. Cowboys being mean to the horses, George W. Bush and his band of Texans plotting to take over the world in Crawford and dissing Cindy Sheehan and the anti-war protesters.

Patriots and Jets. You might say take the Jets over the Patriots, how can you be patriotic when George Bush is in office and he passed the Patriot Act? Easy, the Jets use up too much fuel with gas prices being high and also the Jets are fighter Jets being used by Rumsfeld's military. Therefore, take the Patriots.

Eagles and Giants
Eagles for two reasons
1) Endangered species
2) Rush Limbaugh was mean to Donovan McNabb.

Have more picks next week.