Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Enviromentalist wacko picks (late)

Colts-Ravens: Raven is a bird of prey, colts are young innocent horses. Take the Colts.

Saints-Eagles: Eagles, notwithstanding the fact that the Saints play in New Orleans which was devastated because of the incompetence of Bush, FEMA, Michael Brown and Chertoff (DHS). Saints are still too religious for the PC crowd. Also the Eagles are an endangered species.

Seahawks-Bears: Fake birds versus savage animal. Tossup, take the Bears because the Man-God aka Barack Obama is from Chicago. Also, Microsoft owns the Seahawks and they were shutting out other computer companies from doing stuff, remember the DOJ suit against Microsoft during Clinton's time.

Patriots-Chargers: Chargers, even though they represent electricity, they're not as bad as the Patriots, Patriot Act, they win too much, Belichick is boring, yada yada yada.

Bears-Saints: Saints because of FEMA's incompetence. However next year they have to change their name to be more IN-CLUUUUUUSIVE! to atheists.

Colts-Pats: Colts, but Peyton Manning has to do something special for the inner city to show he's not just a good old Southern Boy.


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