Saturday, January 06, 2007


Well, I am back from Seattle. It was a much needed vacation.

Got to play uncle with my nephew and enjoy being at home.

Anyway, in the spirit of PC mocking, here are my picks for the NFL wild card games.

First: AFC Matchup Sat., Chiefs and Colts.

This is too easy, Chiefs are denigrating the Native Americans, especially with the headress. Although the Colts are the "red state team" with Peyton Manning, take the Colts because of their sensitivity to animals.

Cowboys and Seahawks.

No brainer. Cowboys being mean to the horses, George W. Bush and his band of Texans plotting to take over the world in Crawford and dissing Cindy Sheehan and the anti-war protesters.

Patriots and Jets. You might say take the Jets over the Patriots, how can you be patriotic when George Bush is in office and he passed the Patriot Act? Easy, the Jets use up too much fuel with gas prices being high and also the Jets are fighter Jets being used by Rumsfeld's military. Therefore, take the Patriots.

Eagles and Giants
Eagles for two reasons
1) Endangered species
2) Rush Limbaugh was mean to Donovan McNabb.

Have more picks next week.


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