Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hall of Fame and Steroids

With the HOF announcement due in a month we have heard a lot about Mark McGwire and steroids and how he doesn't deserve to be in, etc.

Here is my question: Can one honor someone's accomplishments without honoring the person? For example, should the hit record belong to Ty Cobb instead of Pete Rose? No, Pete Rose holds the hit record. His accomplishment is in the Hall of Fame, not his plaque.

Also, how many hitters and or pitchers will the steroid issue affect (beyond McGwire)? Will pitchers be impacted? How do we know that pitchers didn't use steroids 10+ years ago? Guillermo Mota has a fifty day suspension awaiting whenever he signs with another club.

I really don't like the stance of Rick Reilly of SI who claims to speak for all of sportsdom when he says that all of these guys are cheaters. How far back are we supposed to go to undo the damage done to the game?


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