Thursday, November 30, 2006

sports stuff and other things

1) Fox Sports is becoming another ESPN. The games they want all involve AFC or NFC East teams. Last week was Chicago-New England, this week is Dallas-NY Giants on the 17th it's Philly-NY Giants. Ho hum. BTW please dump Joe Buck, a mediocre announcer in football to say the least. Aikman isn't anything special other than the fact that he won 3 Super Bowls in Dallas.

2) Women sports reporters make me uncomfortable. Either they're AA hires or they're really attractive and you forget about sports.

3) Why do these people who board the bus think they're at Starbucks? Someone yesterday stopped my bus for two minutes to bug the Bus Driver for directions after she had already asked him before she got off of the bus. This is pathetic. Narcissism and the tyranny of the minority rule the day.

I heard on Michael Savage's show that the government forced the US Mint to re-print money to accomodate the blind. While we can emphathize with the plight of the blind and less fortunate, the fact is that we can't bend over backwards for every little grievance and inconvenience.


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