Thursday, November 16, 2006

sports thoughts

One: I find it fascinating and hypocritical that the same sports media that jumped on Limbaugh for his comments on McNabb are the same ones who adore Steve Nash and voted unanimously for him to win the MVP in the NBA when Clearly Kobe or LeBron deserved it. There's an article on Donovan McNabb in this week's Sports Illustrated about how he is constantly criticized dating back to when he was drafted in 1999, ED Rendell, the Democratic Mayor of Philly at the time, criticized him, then we had the McNabb-T.O. controversy last year.

The same people who accuse conservatives of racism are the same people who give us Eckstein, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Make up your mind, if you're a liberal, be a 100% liberal.

Two: In the NFL, if you're team has no offensive stars, you will NOT be on TV. Why are the Chargers on NBC this week instead of the Ravens. LaDanian Tomlinson and Phillip Rivers.


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