Thursday, September 28, 2006

Peyton Manning, why I don't like him

Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. However, I think he is OVERRATED. He is the type of guy that men would want their daughter to date. He is polite and talented. He doesn't have an edge that someone like Allen Iverson does.

He is the "Red State" quarterback. Grew up in New Orleans, went to U of Tennessee for college and plays for the Indianapolis Colts. Tom Brady is the Blue State quarterback, with more rings, plays for the Patriots, went to Michigan.

I like anyone but the Colts in the AFC, no matter how many TD's Manning throws for.

Let them play outside like regular folks.

On to baseball: AL is set except for the AL Central winner and wild card. Oakland Detroit Minnesota and New York.

NL: New York (probably San Diego), I think the Dodgers will win the wild card and St. Louis will barely hold off Houston in the NL Central, though I would like to see them gag, as would half of Chicago.

If Philly misses the playoffs again, they're either cursed or should move west to Indiana to get into the NL Central.
Pujols may have won the NL MVP last night with that homer in the 8th inning, called by former Sox broadcaster John Rooney. Reinsdorf, I think letting Rooney go was a mistake. Dump Singleton and Farmer next week, they're small town college type broadcasters.


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