Sunday, September 10, 2006

sports stuff

1) I think that the Yanks and Mets will be in the World Series barring an upset.

2) Five worst managers in the Majors
Seattle Mike Hargrove, not good outside of Cleveland
Texas Buck Showalter, probably the most despicable conniving person in Baseball today.
LA Grady Little, see October of 2003. Let him manage KC or Pittsburgh not a good team.
Cleveland, Eric Wedge, too stubborn with Fausto Carmona
San Francisco Felipe Alou, his team's performance the last two years has been less than stellar.

Close: Clint Hurdle of Colorado, he probably should be ahead of Alou, but the expectations for the Giants are higher than those for the Rockies.

As a matter of fact, the two or three worst organizations in baseball are the Cubs, Devil Rays and Rockies, Royals are bad but won a World Series so I can't rank them worse than the Cubs.

AL MVP: Sorry guys but it's Jeter's year.
NL MVP: Ryan Howard of Philly, ten homers in two weeks

AL Cy Young Santana
NL Cy Young ?? Probably Webb or Carpenter.
managers are Leyland and Girardi
most attractive girlfriend of a MVP candidate: Joe Mauer, Chelsea Cooley former Miss Teen USA of North Carolina


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