Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well, as a Seahawk fan in Bears territory I want to congratulate them on their win over the Seahawks today in the NFC divisional playoffs. They won 27-24 in overtime, for those who didn't watch or were busy with other things (household chores, simchas, etc.).

I thought that Matt Hasslebeck's inability to drive the Seahawks down the field in the last part of the game cost the Seahawks the game. The defense played decent, gave up one big play in the second quarter, but was decent considering that they don't have a LT or Butkus type guy on their team.

As for next week, the Bears defense BETTER play better or the Saints will be headed to Miami. I don't like the Saints, I think they're an incarnation of the old St. Louis Rams from 5-7 years ago. However, they can move the ball.

Anyway, see you around later in the week after MLK's holiday.


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