Thursday, July 12, 2007

why I mentioned those blogs

Last time, I mentioned some blogs worth visiting, but didn't mention why.

Frumhouse: I live in West Rogers Park in Chicago and her blog is a good source of information on what's happening in the community.

Kankan Chadash: I grew up in Seattle, this guy went to the same high school and is now in the yeshiva that is closely affiliated with my high school. He likes philosophy, particularly Jewish Philosophy. Hirhurim's blog is similar with a more YU bent.

Saw the NHL schedule for the Hawks, it's terrible from a marketing standpoint. No East coast teams, no Ottawa or Pittsburgh.
Let's just say the Hawks better be four games over .500 by the end of November or they will struggle to draw fans to the United Center.

Other sports thoughts: All Star game was okay. I was glad that Ichiro won the MVP. The National League is a dull boring league and they should install the DH effective next year. Why they're so stubborn about it is beyond my comprehension.


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