Wednesday, July 18, 2007

various things

1) Boy, it can be hot in the summer, and we haven't gotten one of those 95 degree days. Glad that I can dress in a way where the heat doesn't blister me, t-shirts and short sleeve light colored shirts do the trick.

2)Cubs made a significant trade on Monday, trading Rob Bowen to Oakland for Jason Kendall, former three time all star in Pittsburgh. I want to see some more big names traded, if possible. Seattle ought to get Adam Dunn ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's a HUGE Presence in the lineup. Cubs, need to send Izturis and Jones packing. Sox, Dye and Contreras will get you something.

This is for my cousin Moshe and all LA Dodger fans: Get off your play-it-safe duffs and demand that Ned get Teixiera even for Ethier and Loney. Now is the time to get the brass ring.

Seattle can't get Teixiera (aka Big Tex) because they're in the same division with the Rangers. Perhaps the Cubs should try to get him as well. Next year he could be playing for the Orioles, as he's from Maryland originally.


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