Monday, September 08, 2008


Well, I had a nice weekend and saw some good people over shabbos up around Touhy Avenue.

One good thing that happened was earlier in the week, I got back my tallis (tallit) with new tzitzit (fringes) that are stronger than the ones I had previously had. A shout out to Kesher Stam for their good work. It's good to have both Rosenblum's and Kesher Stam, they have different purposes.

On Labor Day, I heard a shiur/lecture on Shidduchim from one of the respected Rabbis in West Rogers Park. While he made some good points, it was geared at a different audience, one younger and frummer. However, the "modern" side does not have a Rabbi or an adequate response, at least over here. Telling someone to go to Shabatons in NY/PA is a dodge, not a good answer.


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